Saturday, May 08, 2010

Scary-Assed Recipes - Kool-Aid Pickles

I'm getting ready to get picked up to go to my family's Mother's Day seafood boil BBQ. Today I made a Watergate Cake for my mom, as she requested it. This is something that my family has oohed and aahed over since Nixon left office, which means longer than I have been alive. The Watergate cake involves pistachio instant pudding and Dream Whip, God help us, but that isn't the nasty assed recipe I'm bringing you this evening.

You see, I'm waiting here to get picked up. My car is in the shop getting new brakes and Husband has been running errands (those who know us won't be at all surprised to know that he was at Costco of course) and I said I'd stay at home and finish cooking. I ended up getting done with my stuff before him, so I said, well I'll get on the Internet and catch up on my favorite blogs now that school finally ended yesterday and I have off until June. I was particularly intrigued by a post by Living in Muddy Waters, which describes a jar of red pickles someone gave her which were flavored with cinnamon red hots. This reminded me of some horrifying mess that I encountered which was pickles flavored with red Kool-Aid and then I had to picking around to see if I could find a recipe because I just knew no one would ever believe me if I said people in the South love red pickles flavored with red Kool-Aid. Behold:

  • 1 (46-ounce) jar whole dill pickles
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 packets red Kool-Aid (such as cherry flavored)

  1. Drain and discard the juice from the pickle jar. Remove the pickles from the jar and cut each one in half lengthwise. Return the pickles to the jar and set aside.
  2. In a large measuring cup, combine the sugar, water and Kool-Aid. Mix until the sugar has completely dissolved. Pour enough of the liquid into the pickle jar to cover the pickles. Discard any excess.
  3. Cover the jar and refrigerate at least 24 hours.
  4. Makes one 46-ounce jar of pickles.

Recipe copied from this site at Group Recipes.

Note - this recipe is so disgusting that it isn't even on Now you know that's bad.


Living in Muddy Waters said...

I would say ick but since I am so addicted to the cinnamon pickles I think I lose my credibility. But I have never heard of Kool-Aid pickles.

Lunch Buckets said...

Alton Brown made these on his Good Eats show once. Not that I'm saying that makes it alright. My work has a themed employee lunch every month. March was St. Patrick's day of course, and pistachio pudding was served. OMG it was delicious. And that's all I'm saying about that.

Lynn said...

Haha! People in NM like them too! Only sometimes (most of the time) they add red pepper flakes to give them spice. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Now, there are some abominations of the food world that I not only like but crave: Cool Whip, Miracle Whip, Cheez Whiz ... I'm also fond of raw fish and beef... but Kool-Aid pickles?



dissed said...

That is horrifying. Truly, horrifying. I'm writing it down.

Reiven said...

I don't understand why you have to discard the rest of the cool-aid.

Today's Random said...

I will never look at pickles the same. Ever again.

JoeinVegas said...

Maybe if you put some red hots in with the kool aide

Albany Jane said...

Ah ha ha ha ha - I read an article about Koolickles a few years ago and tried making them myself. The liquid got all white & cloudy on top and I was then paranoid that I'd made botulism koolickles.

The white trash side of me is really digging Watergate Cake. Hello, pistachio pudding & whipped topping!

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