Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girl, October

First of all, I have to thank all of you for your many, many kind, loving and encouraging words of congratulations. Baby Lawns thanks you too because all of the positive energy makes her wiggle.

Someone asked if I could feel her move yet and the answer is yes. She is definitely her father's child because, like him, she is always flitting around. I wouldn't describe it as kicking at all, but I can feel a lot of activity and she responds to noise. The other night we got caught in a huge rainstorm. Husband dropped me off close to our door and then went and parked and I had to stand under the eaves to wait for him to come back and open the front door. There was a big thunderclap and she jumped. She also really seems to like music and dances around inside of me when she hears it. She especially seemed to respond to Crystal Bowersox on American Idol the other night. I kid you not. Even if I eat certain things, it makes her move. When I laugh she flutters around too. It's very cute. I don't know if I'm being New Agey, but I swear they can feel what we feel and respond to positivity, which is partly why I am so insistent on surrounding myself with happy pretty things.

The first time I ever felt her move was after we ate at PF Changs. I am a huge fan of PF Changs. This child is going to love her some Americanized Asian food let me tell you. They say that babies can taste the foods their mothers eat and learn to like certain flavors because of that. If that's the case, this one's going to be really into gingery, sesame, Szechuan peppery things. And watermelon, but we'll get to that. Lettuce too. But anyway, we ate at PF Changs and we each got our fortune cookies. On the backs of the fortunes they have a word in Chinese that you can learn. Husband got "October" as his word and I swear to you, mine said "Girl" and this was before we knew what she wasWe thought it was a sign.  So after we got home I was sitting in a chair staring into space and I felt a bunch of popping and fizzing going on and I thought "Oh my God this PF Changs gave me terrible gas or something!" Then I thought, maybe that's the baby moving. Then I thought, no, it's just gas.  But then it kept happening and I realized that really was her moving around! I guess she was trying to say "HEY! Yeah! It's ME. I am a girl and I am coming in October! And I like dumplings so eat some more!"

Someone else asked me about genetic testing. It's amazing what they can test for now. I think it's also fairly standard procedure too. Most of my friends have had what I had. Mainly it entailed two blood draws several weeks apart and two invasive ultrasounds. Based on those results and your family history more tests can be recommended. Baby Lawns is an overachiever and got the best possible results. I did not want to have an amnio for several reasons, one being that I saw the needle. The main reason though was my RH issue. If I had amnio I would have needed to get an extra shot and I want as few shots as possible and I want to create no scenarios where her blood and my blood can mix.  Still, if she had been a boy, I would have had the amnio because the genetic counselor explained that while girls can be carriers of many conditions, that these conditions are more often expressed in boys. Boys are more delicate when they are developing too. Since she ended up being a girl, the doctor told me he thought amnio was an unnecessary risk. I was relieved. The needle is huge.  I hope that answers the question. Oh, another thing is there is a procedure called CVS that can be done very early and I didn't have it. My doctor said that every woman he has ever sent for this procedure has had a miscarriage, so he no longer recommends it. At the same time, a friend of mine had it and now has a healthy six month old, but she said the procedure was scary and painful. That's about all I can answer because Husband and I were pretty genetically clean. Obviously they can't test for alcoholism, insanity, believing in elaborate conspiracies, strange political and religious ideas or extreme eccentricity because in that department my family history would make me dangerously high risk.

People keep asking me about cravings. I have no idea why. I can't figure out why people care. Last night my ex-boyfriend of all people asked me about it. Again, I have no cravings. I would sort of like a craving I think because that would mean an appetite.

But just because I haven't had cravings per se, doesn't mean my eating habits haven't been odd. I find I can no longer eat a normal balanced meal. I have to pick and graze. I can't stand the sight of eggs or pasta and I have unwittingly turned into a mostly vegetarian by accident.  Baby Lawns is going to be a raw vegan. I just know it and it will be my pay back for making fun of raw vegans. All I want to eat is raw, plain fruit and vegetables and nuts. I also eat cooked beans, but they give me a stomach ache, so mainly I eat dry salad. It's the weirdest thing. I have also developed a new appreciation for prunes. I mean, I always loved prunes, but I avoided them because of their, umm, laxative properties, but now I eat them every day and they don't have that effect on me.  I also eat considerable amounts of watermelon because that doesn't make me sick either, and I like these frozen fruit popsicles. In fact, I now eat everything cold and find myself compelled to chew ice as often as I can get my hands on it. Frozen grapes and blueberries are good too. I'm not sure where this strange need to eat everything frozen has come from. My theory is that the cold food soothes my stomach and because it has less smell than hot food it doesn't make me queasy. It's also textural. Ice is crunchy and anything creamy makes me go BLEHHHHHHHHH.  In the beginning when I had the hypermesis, Husband's best friend the Gyno, who is not my doctor, told me to drink smoothies and milkshakes because these would soothe my stomach, give me some calories and nutrition and because they would be easier to throw back up. My doctor agreed, so I lived on these for a couple months. Thank God for Jamba Juice. Smoothies and shakes were the only things I could throw up without getting an aversion to, so I think my frozen liquid diet in the beginning also influenced my current ice obsession, though I have stopped drinking them now because of sugar and calories.

Did I mention the smell thing? I knew about this, but I couldn't quite imagine it before it happened to me. In short, I have turned into a cadaver dog. The police should hire me to find missing people and dead bodies because I could really do it. I'm convinced. I can smell anything at any distance. So if the Body Farm needs any help for the next four months, I'm available. 

My sister just called me and she's on her way home from the doctor. Baby Cousin is doing nicely and is healthy and well. My sister and I did plan to have babies together, if you are wondering. We want them to be close and to always have each other to play with. We have discussed at length the trouble we predict these two will get into at some point. I'm sure these cousins will provide us with years of funny stories and I know they'll give us a hard time, but I think they will make me laugh more than anything.

So in other, non-baby related news, which there is shockingly, my Uncle Bull is here all week. This weekend, my parents are hosting a fundraiser at their house and 100% of the money raised will go directly to the wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital. The money will be used to buy them gift cards, necessities, plane tickets for their families to visit and anything else they might need. The money goes straight into the soldiers' hands, not the hospital, so I think it's a really good cause and I'm proud of my family for organizing this. It's going to be a big Memorial Day themed BBQ and my uncle is catering the whole thing. You might remember he has a BBQ catering business (The Slap Your Eyeball Rib Co.) and is a political activist.  This should be an interesting event as all of the freaks will be there on full display, but we're hoping to raise a lot of money and have a good time doing it. I'll write all about it and take pictures. Should be an interesting night.

And that's about it for now. I'm about to go to my parents' house because they are setting up the smoker and I need to be involved in that. I want to know how to smoke things!


Misha said...

Your love of crunching ice during your pregnancy is a phenomenon called 'Pica'. Be thankful your Pica is for ice, some women want to eat paste, dirt- I even had one patient tell me that she really wanted to eat the ashes in her fireplace!

Wide Lawns said...

HAHAHA!! I'm not sure why that sounded so funny to me. Luckily I haven't wanted to crunch on cat litter or paper clips or anything. I'm guessing the ice is harmless. At least it's hydrating, right?

beatgrl said...

I know what you are saying about the sensitivity and wanting to surround the baby with positivity. I found that I couldn't handle rated R movies when I was pregnant, and I started listening to much mellower music, too.

Your PF Changs story reminds me of something that happened to me and my husband when I was pregnant.

A few days before my due date we decided to go out for Chinese food and have one last adult night before the baby was born. Unfortunately there was a baby at the next table who cried the whole time. The fortune I got that night was "A short stranger will soon enter your life." I went into labor a few hours later. Now my son is crazy about Chinese food. It's the only way he likes vegetables. Spicy stuff, onions, garlic, all the stuff he tasted in utero and in my milk.

I hope you saved the "girl" and "October" for the baby book.

Joy said...

I got the super sense of smell too when I was pregnant. It never went away (20 yrs later). It's not AS strong, but it never did leave. It can be nice and it can be very unpleasant!

Wide Lawns said...

Yes that's me too! I can't watch the news or upsetting movies at all and I am listening to a lot of mellower music.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of an old wives tale that said craving ice was indicative of low iron levels in your blood. I have no idea if it's based in truth or not, but it's something I always mention when someone talks about wanting to crunch on ice.

Congrats on the baby. Your writing has gotten me through many a dull day at work.

Jean_Phx said...

I must say Wide Lawns it is very exciting that you are allowing us to be a small (very small) part of this glorious process with you. Hope you are enjoying every minute! Best wishes to your sister, also.

Anonymous said...

Before I decided to quit *stress* and teach spinning in 1850 I was an antenatal nurse. I never got tired of the ladies' stories, their new discoveries ... but the best, the absolute biggest miracle is when the tiny life inside starts moving. When she responds to music, to voice, to loud noises, to the soothing sound of *Mom*.

Your descriptions in this post made an old bat tear up.


Rhea said...

I am right now 16 weeks pregnant with my 6th child. I am so buzy that most time I forget I am even pregnant. It's nice to see it with your eyes, it makes it new again ;)

Good luck

Jen said...

Hooray!!! Babies are so much fun, especially the first one! And personally, because I'm biased, I think October is the best month, but the 4th is the best day ever. :D Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!

kerry said...

I see nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with happy, pretty things. If it makes you feel better, and makes your baby feel better, that's awesome! Maybe it is new agey, but who cares? Maybe it's just normal.

mcgrimus said...

That's a freaky coincidence, but then I don't really believe in coincidences. Congrats to everyone. How many people have told you that the baby will change your life? That gets annoying, no matter how true it is.

As far as "mommyblogging" is concerned, I don't think we will mind very much if you decided to blog about your little girl. The things she does will fascinate you, and I think if anyone can convey that fascination with style and humor, it's you.

Skippy said...

Congratulations on the baby - such wonderful news.

But be careful, although you said you would write about the pregnancy you didn't want to be a Mommy Blogger because you are indifferent, etc? This post is too cute but truly? It screams Mommyblogger [which I mean in a good way], although it is draped in pregnancy.

You all are going to be great parents and we wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baby! I love reading your blog - and now, like it or not, you're going to morph into being an occasional mommy blogger and I'm sure we'll still love it.

Just wanted to pass along thanks for the fundraiser for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. My nephew, a marine stationed in Afghanistan caught a bomb on Tuesday. He's at Bethesda - has lost both of his legs and has a variety of other very serious injuries. It's amazing how quickly your life can change. These soldiers are so brave and take such risks. Please let your parents know how very much their efforts are appreciated!

Rich said...

My cousin would use her laptop a lot when she was pregnant, and always had music going. Her daughter is a great baby, and now loves music. She absolutely loves Michael Buble. My aunt will sit with her and play Michael Buble and she is happy as a clam. It's cute. By the way "Baby Lawns" is a cute nickname.

Living said...

I craved watermelon throughout my entire pregnancy... There I was in the supermarket loading my cart full of watermelon in the dead of winter... it was crazy!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Anonymous beat me to it, but my girlfriend the other night told me she craves chewing ice all the time because she's anemic. Apparently it's something all people with anemia do. Maybe it has something to do with the blood thing going on, or because you've stopped eating meat? One more thing to ask about at your next check-up. An extra iron shouldn't be a big deal, and add some green leafy veggies to that dry salad!

UmmFarouq said...

Pregnancy with my first child included too much weight loss in the first trimester. So, the dr. gave me a weight gain challenge, which was to gain 5 lbs. I tried, only after realizing that Stouffer's Creamed Chipped Beef on 4 slices of toast was the best meal, ever. I ate it EVERY day for one month. Weigh in result? 10 pounds. Yes, who would have thought shit-on-a-shingle could nurture me back to health?

Amy said...

Oh, I can relate. I was sick for five months last year when I was pregnant with my son. All I wanted to eat was raw veggies & fruit and ice cream.

It was kind of awful for a while. But the upside is, I only gained 19lbs while pregnant. I'd have happily traded the weight gain to feel better though at the time!

LegalMist said...

You are so funny! You vehemently deny having any cravings in one paragraph, and then spend the next very long paragraph telling us how you are driven to eat raw veggies and cold things.

I guess I'd call that a craving, myself...

Miss P said...

Congrats, Momma Lawn! So happy for you and Hubby Lawn.

It is true about what you eat while pregnant your baby will like.
It happened to my mom and me with Wheat Thins. I don't every remember having them when I was little, but after I moved out of my parents house I started eating them. My mom was over my apartment and saw the box and gasped! She asked when did I start eating them and I told her I picked up a box at the market and loved them.

Turns out that she could only eat them for the longest time when she was first pregnant with me. Because of eating them so much, she never really bought them again. So it is true!

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