Tuesday, May 18, 2010
For the love of God, I can't figure out why my blog looks different. I can't get the old font back and no amount of editing or messing is working. It's all different now! I hate change!!

To some people who saw my last story in their readers, etc. and now wonder what I did with it - I changed my mind about writing it and the spacing was messed up and it drove me nuts and well, I just decided to tell that tale at a different time. I have some better stories for you anyway. Trust me. I'll be back tomorrow.


Living in Muddy Waters said...

Do you have powerpoint capacity on your computer and have you been using it? My husband's computer has been sticking on that same strange font when he loads pictures into a presentation and it has something to do with the powerpoint controls. Just a thought.

ElectricDaisy said...

:( Aw man! I really wanted to hear the rest of that story!

Monda said...

I'd love to whip up a little blog make-over for you. Say the word and I'll spiff this thing up.

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