Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diego and Nury's Wedding - My Bridesmaid's Dress

I decided that this story really needed an illustration, being that zero, and I mean absolutely zero photos exist of Diego and Nury's wedding. This is so unfortunate. I don't know how someone didn't take any pictures. I know Diego and Nury did but I have no idea where they are now. Lord knows where they ended up, but I hope they are still together 21 years later. In any case, this is the get-up I wore in their wedding. It was pink taffeta, with a sweetheart necklines and several layers of stiff pink crinoline under the skirt so that it pouffed out far from my body. I looked like a bell. The whole thing was very early-Madonna, but by this point I think Madonna had moved on to corsets and burning crosses. The dress's fabric was hard to draw. It was all one color, but yet it was polka dotted, as if the dots (of varying sizes) were woven into the material itself. The dots were more textural than a print. I wore candy pink pumps with a low heel. I had never worn heels before so I swore I was going to fall down in the church, but I didn't. My badly dyed, purple, spiral permed hair was swept into a side pony tail and tied with a pink bow and instead of bouquets we got big, stiff, itchy corsages of pink and white carnations with lots of ribbon. Ohh, I wish I had some photos of this day.


Jean_Phx said...

I also wish that you had photos of this! I love my visual of the fabric. Oh my.

Melanie said...

Pictures are nice, but I also enjoy your hand-drawn pictures. You're a multi-talented artist, for sure.

catherine said...

The fabric is called damask. They sometimes make tableclothes from it LOL.

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