Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Moment of Lost Nerdery

I have to say this, because I am admittedly, ridiculously Lost obsessed, in spite of the fact that sometimes it's frustrating and cheesy and annoying.

I think the mother of Jack's parallel universe son is Juliette. I've searched the Internet and haven't found anyone else with that theory.

Does anyone want to obsess and theorize and rant over Lost with me? Theories anyone?

And be quiet. Don't make fun of me. I have stress. I need distraction. It's my escape.

Another theory I have is that it's a lot like Paradise Lost. I think the title has several meanings.


mcgrimus said...

Hey, it's as good a theory as any. She'd be about the right age. I was going to say that they're both doctors too, but it's possible Juliette isn't a doctor in this reality. Then I thought, is Jack even a doctor in this reality? I don't remember seeing him in that role so far. Am I wrong?

But it's definitely not Kate, obviously. I try not to obsess about theories, as I'm always wrong. I just like to enjoy each episode as it comes and hope the ending is worth it.

mcgrimus said...

Disregard that last note about Jack---totally forgot he had given his card to Locke. Doh!

Jocelyn said...

I can not WAIT to see who is Jacks' baby mama. The sideways world has been good but irritating.

Hey! My Sock! said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lost! And you aren't the only one with that theory. You have to check out the site Lost forum. They help me get my head around my own crackpot theories.
I'm pissed that Jack prevented us from seeing who 108 was!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think it could be Juliette, because his son is a teenager and then he would had to have known Juliette before the plane crashed, which he didnt.
All this parallel universe stuff seems to be what is happening/would have happened AFTER the plane landed safely.

But, this is Lost, where people come back from the dead, so you really never know.

I love your blog btw WL, I sit at a computer all day at work and have been reading it from the beginning for a few months and am finally in the present posts! :)


Anonymous said...

I have a theory that the island is actually a spacecraft run by an AI or uploaded people that crash landed on earth a long time ago. Seems to make sense given the ability to change locations, time shift, and the weird power sources (amongst assorted other things). I hope we get to find out.

Wide Lawns said...

Oh I was livid about Jack breaking that mirror and I knew he was going to do it. He has been such a pain in the butt lately. He just acts so stubborn and throws a fit about everything. It's like if you asked him something as simple as if he wanted a slice of pizza he'd scream and yell and beat someone up over it.

Anonymous said...

He didn't know Juliet before the crash in the initial storyline because she was brought to the island by Ben sometime in the late 90s. Since in the sideways storyline, the island blew up in the 1970s, then Juliet never ended up on the island and it's entirely possible she shacked up with Jack.

It's still possible that Kate is the Baby Mama in the sideways storyline, though not very likely. When she got into Claire's cab, she saw Jack standing on the sidewalk and they both seemed to have a confused moment of recognition. And we don't know why Kate is on the run in this storyline, how long she's been on the run, or if she even did whatever she's accused of. Trouble is, how does she still have such a nice house and partial custody of the kid if she's running from the police. Again, it's a question of timing.

And I think Jack is meant to represent the average Lost viewer at this point. He's been in this thing, patiently, for 5 seasons already. If he doesn't get some friggin answers, stat, then he's gonna lose it! Or maybe he's just as frustrated by all the commercial breaks as the rest of us.

Melissa A. said...

You need to start reading the Pop Candy column on after Lost is on. There are hundreds of comments about each episode and theories. I saw a few people mention that they thought the Mom could be Juliette. You are not alone.
And hey, last week I saw my last name crossed off on the cave wall and this week it was on the wheel. I had to pause the show and call a friend both times.

kerry said...

I'm with you on Lost. :) It's a fun distraction.

Kirby said...

wow... wow.. only half way through and NEED to know - who the heck is not Matthew McConaughe type? Like saying Johnny Depp is not hot.... I just dont understand....

Pickyknitter said...

I haven't watched in a couple seasons, but for a while I was nursing a "John Galt" theory. Seriously, a hidden oasis of perfect people protected by an invisible shield that makes planes go boom? Textbook Rand.

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