Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Must Have This Bumper Sticker

Last night, I had to give some people a ride and I was mildly annoyed about it at first because Lord, I was missing the second airing of Nancy Grace and possibly a show about UFOs on the History Channel (and how on earth are all these paranormal shows history all of a sudden?). Then I saw a bumper sticker on, of all things, a white Land Rover, that said this:

I am speeding because I have to poop.

I found it here.

My life will not be complete until I have one pasted onto my peacock attacked Saturn.


Anonymous said...

Well, WL, I just came from reading
another fav. blog and, once again,
poop was mentioned. I'm pooped out reading, and you, you are popular not poopular, , not to mention, but I will,
those peacocks beat the bumper sticker by a longshot :)

I also have a very strong system,
but along with poop comes things
like castor oil, etc.etc. and that
I still can't stomach. It's deep
seated (somehow, deep rooted didn't fit!)
Thanks, as always for the laugh,
because I did, and then I closed
my eyes and willed myself to grow
up about the body excretions, soon,
I hope. lol:)


Cathi :)

Wide Lawns said...

Sorry Cathi! Part of what cracked me up was that it was the sole bumper sticker on this super fancy vehicle. I just wanted to know who on earth owned the car.

mcgrimus said...

A better bumper sticker for Florida might be, "I'm Driving So Slow Because I'm Pooping."

Kirby said...

The poop excuse did work for a friend of mine, once, years ago - the cop let her go.

Anonymous said...

I got mine at Spencers at the mall.

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