Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you remember these silly old Valentines? I remember in elementary school we had to give every single person in the class one. We'd attach a big manila envelope to our desks and then, in a miserable parade, we'd have to walk around the classroom and drop a card in everyone else's envelope. It was a study in torture, because you had to be nice and give one to everybody and kids, being the hateful savages that they are, can't stand that. The whole exercise was awkward and embarrassing and we'd get in so much trouble if we tried to act like we just forgot that pale, scrawny kid who always threw up on the bus. We did get to have a Valentine's Day party though. It'd be at the end of the day and we'd eat enough candy to send a bull elephant into diabetic ketoacidosis. On top of that we'd have cupcakes that had pink icing and red hots all over them. Then that kid would throw up on the bus on the way home.


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I'm much older than you and we did the same thing, except instead of a "vanilla envelope" we had to make a valentine box (which we would make at home) which was a kleenex box or a shoe box with a hole cut in the top, decorated with red and pink tissue paper. Sometimes there were contests to see who had the best valentine box. I always felt so sorry for the kids who didn't bring one and I always hated the kid whose mom would make the box for him.

Green said...

We didn't have to do that on Long Island. You gave valentines to whoever you wanted, which I think is the right way to do things. Do you honestly think any kid is stupid enough to not know the only reason he got 22 valentines was because the teacher/school required it?

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

OMG this totally cracked me up!!! :-) I read this out loud to hubby and he laughed, too. Why is there always a kid who throws up on the bus? its always the SAME kid, too!

I went to Catholic schools where they were always so stingy with everything; they gave us a small paper bag to decorate and tape to our desks for our valentines!

Jeannie said...

Thank God I never had to take the bus because I was the one who would have thrown up. I'm the one who threw up on the snorkeling trip.

We also had to give everyone a valentine in school which was fine by me because I didn't like to be mean. But all the valentines were different and you gave the special ones to those you liked best. The embarrassing part came when you got some giant romantic special one from some boy who wasn't so special.

MtnMama said...

Valentines Day is pure torment. I was a girl who didn't get very many Valentines, and it really hurts when you are a kid. My daughter's Kindergarten class just had theirs and the kids aren't even allowed to write the name of the person they are "to" - only their own name as "from" - on 22 Valentines and then they get distributed. This way the mean kids are diffused somewhat. Although there were still cards that had candy attached and were clearly done by the parents, not the kid, but at least then there aren't deliberate hurt feelings. We gave out, at my kid's request, Princess valentines that each had a Princess fake tattoo. I'm sure the boys were delighted.

Anonymous said...

The "give one to every kid in the class" practice made me be nice to people that I would have normally avoided. There was one kid that was mostly a little jerk because he didn't know any other way to be. I had a Valentine that I knew he'd love (an immense cowboy, like ten inches tall) but I fought with myself for day before writing his name on it. All day long before the party, I could see him looking across the room at his Valentine's bag with the cowboy hat poking out of the top. And when he finally got to open the bag and pull it out, his whole body lit up---not just his face, his entire body. And he was nice to everyone for days afterward. Then he went back to being a little jerk and eventually graduated to being a bigger jerk in junior high.

I've always been glad that I sucked it up and gave him that huge Valentine because it was obvious that people/his family didn't go out of their way to treat him like he was special.


Rich said...

I was one of the poorer kids in a poor town. When we did Valentines, my mother made sure I did them for everyone in my class. I was one of those kids who didn't get many valentines. I do remember one specifically that one of the girls in my class made for me. She went out of her way to make me feel special because some of the other kids treated me like shit. I guess because I didn't grow up in the town and was an outsider. When I moved away, I made it a point to forget a lot of people. My mother still lives in that town, and once in a while when I go to visit, someone from school will see me, and I don't usually know who they are, but they know me.

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