Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Wedding Photo

A friend took all of my parents' wedding photos and scanned them in for safekeeping, so I really wanted to share one with you. Look how cute they are. They got married in their apartment and they really threw the event together quickly, but look how nice they look! Check out my mom's disco eyebrows there. She's since grown them back. Thank God. Now, a lot of people say I look like my mom. I can maybe see it in the other picture of my mom with my great grandparents, but I really don't see it here at all. I don't think we look anything alike if you compare me to this picture, especially if you were to compare a picture of me at 24 to her at 24 (that's how old she is here). It's so funny to see my mom with black hair. It's dyed of course. She's a blonde now. You might remember the story when she tried to dye her hair dark and it turned pine green. And well my dad, he just looks like John Travolta up there, doesn't he? Also, they guy on the right is none other than the Santeria priest I also wrote about. The girl on the left by my mom has since died of cancer, but she was a good friend of my parents' too. If you notice in the back there is a statue of a woman's torso. That thing has been everywhere with us and my parents still have it in their dining room. I don't think they'll ever get rid of it. On it's thigh are etched the words " This Art Piece is of No Value." I wonder why or what that means. When I was little I named the statue Anna for some inexplicable reason and we've been calling it that ever since. I'm going to have to ask my parents where they got it.


Life in the mom lane said...

Awww they were so cute!!!! by the looks of the clothes etc.. I am wondering if I am close in age to your parents.....they totally have that disco ish look I remember- hubby and I have been married 25 yrs.... we got married in 1984.

Laurie said...

Awww - Look how happy and cute they are. Beautiful pic. Happy 30th to your awesome parents. :)

Jennie said...

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Finally, a real live pic to hold onto! Now I feel like we have a connection. lol. The torso art is really funny.

Jen said...

How could she not fall in love with him? He's so stinking adorable!

JoeinVegas said...

Thirty years - wow!

JDogg said...

That is an amazing picture, and I can't believe that statue has been around and moved with them for so long.

Delainie said...

Very cute!

An old roommate and I used to have a wood burning stove in a really awkward place that we always stubbed our toes on. We named it Ashley so we had a name to go with the cussing we always yelled at it.

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