Monday, January 11, 2010


I believe I mentioned that it was cold here and that it had snowed over the weekend. In fact, it's still pretty cold. I don't remember ever in my life being this cold in Florida. I love it. I don't mind it a bit even though I just figured out that I don't have winter clothes and that I can't find my gloves, which I think I may have left in that Orlando Red Lobster. I can't do any discussion of the Florida Freeze justice. I really can't. It's been written about a lot and by better than me.

Please read "Just Humor Me." The bit about the iguanas dropping out of trees is all true. There are iguanas all over the ground. I can't tell you how many I've seen and it's the weirdest thing. Apparently they are ok, but they do look awfully dead. Lord knows, I've wished the iguanas much harm, especially when they ate my attempts at gardening and then pooped their toxic, salmonella filled waste everywhere on our dock, but I hate to think of them in actual suffering. Maybe I should start a charity that knits little sweaters for them.


Aleta said...

I had to laugh, just had a visual of an iguana sweater, like the type that are made for dogs.

It's rare for it to get this cold in New Orleans too and people are starting to complain. I like it, but I'm looking at getting the ski suits out from the attic at this point!

kerry said...

The turtles got me. Frozen turtles. I can see the iguanas but I would think the turtles would be smart enough to head for warmer water. Like the manatees, that found a water outlet from some manufacturing plant, that dumps hot water.

Iguana sweaters- that made me laugh. :)

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks for the link. You're my favorite blogger. When people tell me I have had weird experiences, I send them over to your blog.

Nanci said...

I live in very close to where all the manatees are huddling together. I go out there pretty much every day to check on them. It's amazing to see them and I think they are amazed at us too. There are at least 60 as of the other day and a couple of them keep poking their head out and teasing you for a picture; just when your camera is warmed up and ready they sink back into the water. They have eaten pretty much all of the vegetation on the bottom of the canal to the are starting to eat the grass on the banks. It's a funny sight to see the technique they have come up with to reach up to it. I'll have to send some pictures. I agree that the iguana sweaters are AWESOME! :)

Jean_Phx said...

Hehe, iguana sweaters :-)

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see pictures of your iguanas and the manatees and even more would love to see an iguana in a sweater (maybe a dog sweater?!?) Did you see the "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movie with the iguana and rat buddy? I would have liked to have seen more of the iguana, he was very entertaining.
Desert Dweller

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I live somewhere near you. I'm in Boca. :)

What the iguanas are doing is not hibernating and I have no idea where people came up with that. They are in a temperature induced hypothermia. Most of them will die as they can only live like this for a few days before their bodies shut down.

My neighbors have 5 in their bathrooms including a 7 foot male.

Honestly I think knitting them sweaters would be a better idea then trying to move him outside when he's awake. :)

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