Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twitter Verdict

OK, at least by commenters, it's official. I am going to start my 30 day trial period of Twitter. Here's the deal though. I am signing up because I can post from my phone, but when I went to download the app that I assumed existed, there was no Twitter app. I thought it was like Facebook for the iPhone. Apparently it is not. Looks like there are several apps which one can use to Twitter. So, I am asking you all, which ones are the best? Which are easiest? Which are real and which are scams? And how do I put the little Twitter widgety thingy on the blog so non-Twitterers can see the posts? Dammit. I am NOT SAYING TWEET. I will not do it.


John C. Welch said...

which application depends on which phone/computer platform. what are you using?

Wide Lawns said...

Oh God I don't even know what a platform is. I have an iphone. I haven't done anything fancy to it.

Mamie said...

Twitterifiic is good for iPod Touch, so probably good for iPhone, too. (I have a BlackBerry, so I use TwitterBerry).

To add the thingy to your blog, on your Twitter page go to "settings," then to the box "More Info URL," and right below that you can click to add the gadget to your blog. It really is easy, once you know where to look.

But - what is your Twitter name so we can find and follow you?

You CAN do this, and we are SOOOOO excited! :)

mbahawk said...

I have an iPhone and I use TweetDeck.

jan said...

My boyfriend uses "Twitterific" and "Twitbird". They're both in the app store and they're both free. Hope this helps.

Delainie said...

I don't use Twitter on my phone, so I'm no help whatsoever...

BUT, I said all these things 2,579 TWEETS ago!

Devi said...

you can always use the past tense Colbert verb :twat or twatted. isn't there a number or email you can send to twitter via the phone? i know there is one for blogger, i just assumed there was something similar. have fun at the wedding!

Lis said...

I don't have an iPhone, but most of the people I "follow" who do seem to use either twitteriffic
or Tweetie

DRD1812 said...

I have an iPhone and I use Tweetie2. It's awesome. :) Very intuitive.

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind technology, I don't have a blog, nor Facebook,
nor Twitter, and I really do not
understand any of the comments

I will make it some sort of New Year's something or other to figure
this out. Good for you WL for asking. I hope you can interpret
in the future :) I'm so out of touch with anything other than reading good blogs, articles and
emailing. Oh okay, I'm good :)

- go on brave woman , I always think of the amount of bloggers, twitters, etc. etc.
and then I click on a link and
start reading. I'm picky. You're
great.and the verification word is
foode:) that's what those combos
from college days should be called,
I think ;) foode :) love it!


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I use Twitterific. It's easy and I've had no problems. And it's free (I think - I've never paid more than 99 cents for an iPhone app, so it's either free or 99 cents.)
The only way to use Twitter is from your phone. It's supposed to be little snippets while you're out doing exciting things, not sitting in front of the computer.

JDogg said...

I prefer tweetdeck, as it is the same appearance on the computer as it is on the iPhone.

Jay said...

I use Tweetdeck for the iPhone. Started off with Twitterific but I think I prefer some of Tweetdeck's features.

Robin said...

If you want to get really fancy, there's some way to make any twitter post also show up on Facebook. I couldn't tell you how though.

staticwarp said...

dude, you can post to twitter via sms. no special app required. how does everyone not know that? twitter was out before the iphone, and before the all encompassing "app". what i mean is, you just send twitter a text, and they post it to your account and your followers get it texted to them. like this:

"Did you know: you can send tweets by text? Adding your phone to Twitter makes it easy to tweet from places where even wifi and mobile web don't work! Send a text with the word START -- it's easy-- we'll reply and ask you to sign up if you're new, or reply with your user name if you have an account."

(thats from their site)

send a text with the word "start" (no quotes) to 40404 if you are in the US. there are other numbers for other countries. follow the directions they text back to you in order to verify your phone. then just text 40404 with your update and bam you just twatted! no app necessary and simple enough to do on a phone from 1998. hopefully you read this before you go downloading some complex app that will frustrate you to no end.

(obsure snl reference follows)

oh and btw... YOU'RE WELCOME!


staticwarp said...

oh and i added you to my twitter feed. you are actually the only person in it, because you are the only blogger i find interesting enough that your updates are worth getting on my phone. cant exactly put that on the mantle but that's a pretty nice award (^_^)/

JoeinVegas said...

I don't do Twitter either - enough distractions as it is. So as long as you link to here where those of us that can't twat (love that version, better than tweet) can come here to read. Please

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