Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twitter or Not?

Ok, so I have about all of three minutes to write this because I have to shave my legs because I am getting a pedicure and don't want the nail technicians laughing at me in Vietnamese for having legs like a saguaro.

I've been toying with this idea for several months now. I think I want to try Twitter for a one month trial period to see if I like it. There are several reasons why, in spite of the fact that all the constant talk about Twitter on TV and the radio annoys the pants off of me.

Here are my reasons in order of importance:

1. To improve my writing. Last year I took a workshop where we had to write micro-nonfiction pieces and I realized that I have a serious issue with overwriting everything, including too much detail and rambling off on tangents. To be a better writer I need to get more concise. I found the limits in the workshop a wonderful challenge and I wrote one of my best stories ever in under 450 words. I think Twitter would serve as a writing exercise and help force me to keep it simple.

2. Sometimes ridiculous moments occur during my days that would make such great two liners, but I can't work them into a whole coherent story, but I want to share them anyway.

3. Sometimes if I don't write these things down immediately, I forget them. I have notes on my phone and scraps of paper all over the place and then I lose them. Twitter on the phone could serve as a repository for all of my little image and moment collections.

4. I would post more because of the economy of time and space and lack of needing a computer.

5. Creative NonFiction has a daily Twitter contest and I want to win it.

6. I can kind of "live-post" certain events as they happen in short quips rather than having to wait for the whole big story to end. For instance, my sister's wedding would be more interesting done in Twitter posts, I think, than a whole blog story.

7. I refuse to say "Tweet" and I refuse to become as annoying as Rick Sanchez on CNN every afternoon obsessing about his stupid "tweets." I will not do it.

8. I only want to do it for 30 days to see if I like it or if I have improved my writing. If not, I'll delete the whole thing.

9. I will not abandon my blog in favor of Twitter. That isn't a reason though.

Still, I have reservations and I feel cheezy. Is it cheezy? I can't decide. After all, it's only 30 days. So I ask your opinion. Yes or No? Should I do it, or is it a stupid idea?

(Also, I'm done with school now FINALLY, so I will be writing on here much more because I have really missed you.)

I'm going to shave my legs now and get acupuncture and nails done. After that, I'll come back, check the comments and make my final decision at that time.


JT said...

I just recently started using Twitter as a study motivator and to connect with others in my field. So far I love it. Not only has the interaction been interesting and fun it's also been fairly productive. Hope it works out for you as well!

Jes in Montana said...

I like the idea of a trial period- go for it. (my dearest friend was just telling me about the six word memoirs- wow! talk about concise!)

Anonymous said...

I vote yes, specifically for the opportunity to improve your writing, with the absolute caveat that you also either link your tweets to this blog (if possible), or cut & paste the tweets to this blog

(I don't do twitter and as such would miss out on all of your wonderful stream of consciousness moments if they were confined strictly to that medium of communication)

go wide lawns! we love you! your writing and stories totally rock! have a great day!!!!

Unknown said...

I think it's a great idea! Just so you know, hearing about twitter from TV, radio, and internet annoys the pants off of me too. My husband has twitter and I can't stand it when he tweets when we're out to dinner together. If you do decide to open a twitter account, please don't ignore your husband on a romantic night out to "tweet."

Also, I cannot wait to hear about your sister's wedding. I just got married myself and so many random unbelievably crazy little things occurred leading up to the big day. So I can just imagine how great your "tweets" would be!

Raine said...

I personally do not twitter, but I think you should definately try!

Michael said...

Yes, you need to twitter... :-)


JoeinVegas said...

I don't tweet, but it sounds like you have some good reasons to. Go ahead.

Jinx in the Garden said...

One of the main reasons that I use Twitter is keep in instant contact with my best friend who is half the country away. We've had some of our best talks when one of us finds something interesting and makes a post. The other reason is that I tend to over-write things as well. Twitter is a wonderful limiter. Go for it!

kerry said...

I'm with you on "tweet." I've got twitter, and I even check it once in a while, but I'm not obsessive about it like some people are.

Would love to read your mini-updates! And yes, can't wait to hear about your sister's wedding.

Mamie said...

Okay, I would LOVE to read about those "ridiculous moments" you mention in #2, and would totally "follow" you on Twitter. Also, I too have the "over-writing" problem. I even "over-write" my Facebook status updates, for hell's sake! Using Twitter (which I feed to my FB status) has definitely helped my to do more self-editing. So, I think your reason #1 is excellent. And finally, I fully laughed-snorted re your concern about the nail technicians laughing in Vietnamese about your Saguaro legs - TOTALLY one of my biggest nail salon fears! Love ya, wide - happy holidays!

Aleta said...

I don't Twitter. Blogging is enough for me at the moment. My hubby got on Twitter and said, "I don't get what it's all about." That said, he DOES follow Drew Brees (Saints football) and likes to read what Brees says after a game. LOL.

Silver said...

Do it!

jmm said...

You give a good argument to try it. Please post your "tweets" on this blog, I don't keep up with Twitter.

Nicole said...

I'm all for the Twitter!

Mel said...

Try it out. I thought it was lame when I first signed up but I have done much more social networking and connecting with NEW people via twitter than any other social networking site. It is the perfect medium for funny errata, short diatribes, or quick observations. Use twitpic and you can send cell phone photos in too.

Gina said...

I love Twitter, but it took me a little while to get into it.

Anonymous said...

I don't twitter, and I'd hate to miss out on the wedding. That being said, you could twitter like the guy on "Shitmydadsays". I follow him quite easily that way.


Green said...

Do ittttttt! Be my twitter friend!

I've gotten so much better about being succinct from having to stick to 140 characters (and you can always cheat and do parts 1 and 2 if needed).

P.S. I also shave my legs before a manicure too.

rabrab said...

You've got a very good reason for wanting to give it a try. Personally, I like your rambling, digression-filled style, but it's a style that a lot of people don't appreciate, and it simply doesn't work for some things.

Go for it.

Talula said...

I do not have a Twitter, but I would join just to follow you. I will take more Wide Lawns anyway I can get it! And if it's 140 words or less, so be!

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to lose! You could love it or hate it, but at least you'll know and maybe learn something useful for your writing. Just please don't stop with your wonderful blog entries!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

go ahead and try it. I was going to sign up for a Twitter account for both of my blogs, if you sign up, I definately will so I can follow you. seems interesting, I just haven't spent the time to set it up yet...

Delainie said...


Dayna said...

I Love Love Love Twitter

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about anything to
do with Twitter... however, your
reasons make sense to me.

What does not make sense at all
to me is rabrabs' comment.

Rambling ? Are you kidding me ?

Although I found WL a little late
and missed some wonderful stories
I am sure, I am totally lost on
what digression-filled style actually means ????? and honestly ribrab, this writer, WL, to me, has
more talent and spins a tale that is right up there with the best
writers I have ever read.

Before I start 'rambling', just
wanted to say that I always want
more! of your writing, so even if it's only l40 characters, I'll be following you.

Hope you have a fabulous day -
Would love, as someone else mentioned for see a picture of
that nail :) I actually really
like some of the designs I've had
done (on one nail only though)
but I am, admittedly, one that is
attracted to shiny things. :)))

I digress. (couldn't resist)

word verification is shindeje,
gotta love that :)

Michael said...

I, for one, like your rambling off on tangents. Tangents are what make life interesting.

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