Thursday, November 12, 2009

And Yes, I Know You All Want to Know About This

Don't worry, it's coming, but I have to go teach right now. This should at least tide you over until tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately the belly dancers and fireworks weren't in the picture too.


Joy said...

Looks like a mellow type horse. It's ears are "looking" at you, like "what's she doing?"

Cannot WAIT for the story.

Sinclair said...

Thank you for posting this picture in the middle of your busy life. Looks like you had a good time after all... and the pony fit the Lawns lawn.

PrudenceOctavia said...

I can not wait to hear - hang on, didnt we all say to SAY AWAY from the party!!??!!!

Jean_Phx said...

Seriously, how could you possilbly stay away from a party that had all that going for it! I couldn't - I would have been there with bells on and camera in hand. Can't wait for the stories.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but what do you mean "YOU'RE NOT PETITE?!?!" Either that's a horse and you look tiny, or that's a pony and you STILL look petite. Then again, I should keep it all in perspective because this comment is coming from a giantess. So, yeah.

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