Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One That I Hate, Two That I Love

My parents are going to be back home in a couple of hours. I'm all back in my apartment now, but I know I left something important over at their house. It's obviously not a big deal though because it's not that far away. The only danger is the potential for encounters with strange people wearing Ed Hardy shirts. My mom hates Ed Hardy shirts, yet she has a lot of friends who love them. I hate Ed Hardy anything. Apparently Ed Hardy even makes beer now. I hate that too.

In five minutes I have to go to school. I have decided to tell you two things that I inexplicably love, for no reason other than to get them off my chest.

1. I love in movies and TV shows (fictional only) when they show someone walk out into traffic and unexpectedly get hit by a bus or a car or some other moving vehicle. I love this. They did it on Lost a few times. I seem to be seeing it more and more often. It never fails to satisfy.

2. While I despise cigarettes, I love when at night, when it's very dark and I'm driving and the person in the vehicle in front of me tosses a burning cigarette out their window and it explodes into a shatter of orange cinders all over the asphalt. It's the strangest thing that I find beautiful. I hardly ever see it, so it's like seeing a falling star maybe.

What strange things do you love?


thotlady said...

I love lying in from of a floor fan. Just lying there. It calms me.

kr said...

I love the sound of the rain on my tin patio roof and fall in Seattle. On another note I saw awful Ed Hardy Sangria last night at the store wasn't even a decent alcohol content (7%).

Wonderland Chronicles said...

1. This sounds really strange but I really love to unclog drains. Its sounds totally gross but it gives me an inordinate amount of satisfaction.

2. I love the sound of hot air balloons over my house. They float low enough to where I can hear the huff of the gass billow the material. It's magical to open the door and see these enormous balls float by, all different colors- some striped some solid.

Jeannie said...

That's strange - I love the smashing cigarette at night too.

Also the glow from the dashboard.

A balmy breeze.

Greg S said...

I love falling asleep to the sound of strong wind rustling the trees. Maybe its a little like the sound of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

In the Midwest I love that time of Summer when the fairy light magic of a dozens of lightning bugs are all over a field or a cluster of trees blinking in and out.
When the leaves change and carpets the ground in gold even more than the reds and oranges;also finding some of the gold leaves having red veins. I find it magical.
Lightning storms at night from the view of a large covered porch. It invigorates me.
I live in the desert now, where rain is a scarcity and the leaves only turn yellow if you water them too much.

The Fifth Sparrow said...

I love the feel of my new little (rotten) puppy's tongue when he softly licks my wrist as if to caress me and bathe me in love.
(It's not just a welcome change from him gnawing on me.)

I love the word "Baby" as a song lyric. Just love it.

DiaryofWhy said...

Both the things that you love freak me the hell out. I'm not sure what this says about me.

Jen said...

Smoking menthol or clove cigarrettes outside at night in the winter when it's cold and frosty. Sometimes I miss that. (Haven't smoked in over 10 years, but frosty nights still make me want one sometimes.)

Raine said...

I love mounting slides. I work in a lab and everyone Hates mounting slides because it is boring and tedious - but I love it. I can do it for hours

Anonymous said...

Falling stars average 3 an hour. With smoking becoming less common, I'd bet the cigarette 'splosion is much more rare.

Melanie said...

Something "weird" that I love:

Looking at the geckos that sit on my windows just after dark. The light from inside the house attracts bugs, which the geckos like to eat.

From my standpoint, I see the underbelly of the gecko, and the skin is oddly see-thru. Being able to see his dark guts underneath his pink skin is rather grotesque, yet strangely fascinating.

Ordinary Housewife said...

Ed Hardy is going to have to be stopped. It will be for the good of the many, and I may just be the woman to do it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not so much 'weird' as 'dangerous and/or possibly suicidal,' but when I lived in the Midwest I totally loved the way the sky seems weirdly green and really low to the ground right before a tornado, like you could reach up and touch the sky or something. And I also love tornados (although not the damage they do). They're incredible forces of nature.

onemeanmfa said...

The smell of the incense they use in the Catholic church. I don't know what it is, but when I see the priest up there and the smoke clears the alter I always inhale deeply.

Albany Jane said...

I also dislike Ed Hardy.

I love popcorn that's been burned just a little bit (not black and charred or anything) and then frozen for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

two things i love:

1. When my cat decides to groom my head. I know it sounds gross, but it's very comforting to me. I dote on my cat and i love it when he returns the favor with some grooming.

2. Watching trains go by - any time any place. It makes me feel like a little kid. I ALWAYS wave to the engineer.

Nanci said...

Strange enough, I love the smell of moth balls.

I love the smell of cigarette smoke mixed with Estee Lauder's "Beautiful" perfume -- that is the smell of my Mother. :)

I love the feeling of cool rain while on the back of a motorcycle.

I love soft kitten fur and a wet nose waking me up in the morning.

Sadi said...

I sort of like the smell of my skin when it's been slightly sunburned.

I love peanut butter and syrup on pancakes. My husband grosses out, but it tastes great!

I know I have more, but can't think of them now.

Rebecca said...

I love when I finish the laundry on the same day I pick the drycleaning. It is a great feeling to be able to wear anything I want the following day!

I don't know what I hate more: real Ed Hardy or imitation Ed Hardy.

Anonymous said...

When I first read this I could NOT think of one weird thing that makes me happy - and then I went to make turkey soup.

Inside the (raw) turkey, just behind the neck, lurked a big gizzard. I was utterly and absolutely delighted. Nothing tastes better in soup than a gizzard (although I'd need a gun to my head before I'd eat the damned thing). It's a rare thing to find in a turkey anymore due to the difficulty cleaning it.

Turkey gizzards make me happy.


Anonymous said...

I love to do laundry. Something about it, the organization and fresh smells, makes me feel like my life is OK. Everything else can fall to pieces, but if I have clean underpants, I can deal with it.

I love the smell of mothballs, too. It reminds me of my grandmother.

I love the semi-disgusting way that a man smells after he's been working on a car. Like motor oil and testosterone and (if the man is my husband) beer and sweat.

I hate the way cornstarch feels on my hands.

Robin said...

The smell of rain.

Fernando said...

I love watching people wash windows. There is something really satisfying about the lines as the water is squeegied down the window.

I love the smell of freshly baked cookies and the sound of champange being opened properly- just a light whisper of a fizz.

Sarah said...

I love crunching the front bumper of my car into snow drifts when parking in winter. It makes a great sound.

I also love untying knots in necklace chains. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.

I love that this conversation is like the beginning of Amelie, because I love Amelie!

Melanie said...

Widelawns - Watching Conan and Andy do their skit this evening on The Tonight Show reminded me that you also hate the Cialis ads..... those guys really played up the ridiculous aspects of that ad campaign! I hope you got to see it......

mcgrimus said...

I love the way the back of my neck feels after a haircut.

I love the term "newel post."

I love plain toast.

Jean_Phx said...

I love hand washing dishes.

Laurie said...

Regina George getting hit by a bus in Mean Girls. Awesome!

I love going outside or sticking my head out the window before a really good rain storm when it's all blowy and green out and the sky is electric.

I love being able to see the sun and the moon in the same sky during the day.

sha said...

The smell of dirt and sage intermingled after a good hard summer rain in Wyoming. This calms me.

The stale scent of my house when I've been away from it for awhile. This comforts me.

Sleeping on the bathroom floor when I have a fever. The chill of the floor and the warmth of the bathroom rug somehow make me feel better than if I lay in bed.

Leslie said...

Something not so strange I am in total agreement with kr, I LOVE fall in Seattle. This fall just has me gasping at all the beauty.

Strange things I love: the smell of white vinegar on a spring day. My father used to spray it to keep bugs from coming in the windows.

The smell of smoke coming off of a candle recently extinguished.

I also love Amelie. I need to watch it again. :-)

mattbg said...

For #1, I first saw a convincing accidental pedestrian take-down in one of the "Final Destination" movies, which was quite awhile ago now... that series of movies did a whole series of accidents in a very convincing way because the build-up to the actual accident was so well done.

C said...

I love the smell of diesel engines. Never huffed or anything, but I inhale deeply when they're parked nearby.
I also enjoy the slightly dizzy feeling you get when you've slept too long and are all groggy, or stand up too fast and your vision goes white.

So I guess I enjoy symptoms of brain damage. Also, two weeks ago I didn't like jalapenos. Now I do.

Maybe I should go get a CAT scan.

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