Thursday, October 01, 2009

An Interlude, Because There's a BIG News Story

I need to briefly interrupt the story. We can call it a small intermission if you'd like. I just need to tell you this tid-bit of life in South Florida.

Yesterday there was a big news story here. We were having a cold front. I was on my way home from work and listening to the ridiculous ultra-right wing news radio because I wanted to know what the traffic situation was. They give the traffic and weather more frequently and reliably than the other stations that mostly just play songs about women's behinds and all the things they can do with them and how they look and shake and so on.

Well, you would have thought we were all going into the next Ice Age, the fuss they were making about this cold front. First they had some news teaser about someone who'd been arrested on corruption charges, then someone who'd been attacked by a pit bull, a child who'd accidentally been shot in a gang war and then a child who'd been locked in a hot car. You know the usual, boring, uneventful stuff that happens down here. Then the news reporter says this:

"But the BIG story today is the cold front that's pushing through our area."

And I get all excited thinking it will finally cool down. Finally Fall will be here and I can wear a short sleeve shirt instead of a tank top. Maybe I can sleep with the windows open. Maybe I won't burn alive on the walk from the parking lot to my classroom.

"Overnight," the reporter said with a dramatic pause, "temperatures will plummet into the mid to high 70s. We'll also see a major difference in daytime temperatures. Today's high of 89 will be replaced by tomorrow's high of 87."

I kid you not. People. Two degrees. I can't even feel the difference between 85 and 95, but come on. A difference in two degrees is a major news story? For real?

This is life in South Florida.


Jean_Phx said...

I live in Phx and it plummeted to 90 and you would think that we should all go to shelters to fight the cold - especially in those frigid outlying areas. please.

dissed said...

We're living large in the mid-seventies this week. Earlier this week, some of the kids wore parkas with hoods to school. I'm not making this up. And that's in N. Georgia.

Delainie said...

I think southern FL is where I need to live! It's 50 now and I refuse to give up the flip flops yet!

Denora said...

I live in Southern California and we get the same dumb news reports. "A cold front is coming through, so it'll be a chilly 86 degrees tomorrow." Seriously? What's better is when it sprinkles outside (honestly, I get wetter standing near the sprinklers for 45 seconds) and they declare STORM WATCH 2009! Idiots, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Being Canadian, I can only tell you
that we really, really did get a cold front. I was just in Vegas,
and I miss that beautiful warmth.

2 degrees, hilarious.

(who truly doesn't want to wear
more than a tank top, and am now
looking at winter boots)

Jeannie said...

We're getting our first night of frost tonight.

I'll take mid 70's

MtnMama said...


Ok, I live in Colorado, and here it is supposed to dip down to about 22-28F tonight, and you know I'll be seeing shorts at my daughter's school in the morning! It is snowing in the mountains right now, about 40 miles to my west. And we think of a foot of snow as nothing.

Kind of the complete opposite, wouldn't you say? ;)

Liz said...

We were advised of a low front starting on the weekend. A low of 0c (i.e. 30f) tonight 8 hours north of Montana border. Almost a straight diagonal line from South Florida. My tomatos require heated blankets and I have turned the furnace on. I hear there is a winter storm in the territories (many more hours north) and the planes can't land. It was 34c (i.e. 93f) last Wednesday!

KT said...

I thought getting all excited about a 10 degree drop was a little lame of me, so it makes me feel better that this would actually be earth shattering news in South Florida :D

And yeah, I saw a woman in a scarf the other day. In Southern California. In September. It's still like 90 here.

Cupcake Forum said...

Must have been a slow news day.

Pat said...

Hi WideLawns!

Long time no speak!

Here in Siberia aka Western NY, we are experiencing a cold front too. November temps have our thermometer hovering in the high 40's low 50's with gray skies and rain. It is what I call "get me out of here weather."
I'm leaving on the 9th for my self imposed exile in SWF.

The heat is pumping.

BoB said...

you forgot the tie-in to discredit global warming...

Eric said...

I do not know what it is about news orginizations that must make an utterly huge deal about the weather.
Here in Seattle it is all about potential snow. Granted when it does hit hard, like once every 10 years all the hills make it difficult to get around but usually the temps are in the mid 40s andit is cloudy and rainy all winter. With one or two minor snow falls that melt before noon.
But the listen to the TV weather dudes you would think the apocolypse was upon us. When they tease for snow it usually means that it will dust the higher elevations and in the mountains.
The whole attitude towards inclement weather defies logic. Liek they are taking something mundane as the current temp and trying to make it compelling and entertaining.
This is what happens when colleges have communications Majors people. The stupid but attractive get a degree and then a job.

BaxtersMum said...

Well, we have the opposite problem - instead of a gradual decline into spring, we dropped 30 degrees in 24hrs. One second we're dying at the end of september at 102, and then the next the high is 71. The 71 has creeped back up to 81 today but we're back down to 68 by Sunday. Those are the highs in Vegas.

Also, this Southern Gal has NEVER had allergies like she has them in the desert. WTF? Add windstorm (50 mph brought the 30 degree drop) and you might understand why I am buying stock in Mucinex D and benadryl.

Vegas valley weather - it may be clear, but its weird as hell.

LegalMist said...

I'm with Jean_Phx - out here the ridiculous weathermen say things like "It's going to be cooler today, *only* 107 degrees."

As if cooling down two degrees from the prior day's 109 will make a whit of difference. HA!

And every time we get a thunderstorm, the news people are all: "UP NEXT: STORM OF THE CENTURY!!" or "T-STORM 2009 - NEWS AT 11!"

Deneen said...

I grew up in Colorado and moved to South Florida a few years ago, and I get a kick out of the way people here act when the temperature drops a degree or two. I work with two women who grew up in the Caribbean and turn their space heaters on when the temperature dips below 75; they can't believe I wear short sleeves in January. My favorite, though, is when the temperature goes below 60 and the guys on the street corner are wearing scarves, gloves, and puffer jackets with the hoods pulled up--and shorts!

Michelle said...

Today the high here was 46. That is a cold front. Not 70 something.

Anon said...

I live in Wisconsin, and every year they make a huge deal out of every snow. It's Wisconsin! It does snow. They show the same footage of the poor guy shoveling out his driveway no matter how many inches we get.

They will also pre-empt shows for cold fronts (below zero cold fronts) in January. Well, we do get below zero weather in January, so why pre-empt a show? To remind us how despressing it is to live here in January? Arrgh!

I love the morning reports telling the parents how to dress the kiddies - just in case the parents aren't bright enough to figure it out. Grr.

catherinette said...

Live the dream with your 2 degree difference. Really, what's that like? We don't have that here in Maryland.

kerry said...

I'm a SoCal girl, too, and I agree with the stupidity of the media people who make a big deal out of a miniscule drop in temperature. Or the little sprinkles... StormWatch!! Makes me giggle.

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