Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Illustration of the Event

Here is a picture of my hair dying event on the dock the other day. That's my cousin Fallon's arm there wielding the Revlon. That's, obviously, my perfectly spherical head. I really do have the roundest head. I look like an apple on a neck. You can even see the Target bag and the water, which is my favorite part. It was blistering hot outside, like ridiculously hot. A couple minutes later, out of nowhere, it began to rain as it is wont to do down here in the tropics. Then we had to take cover on the patio where I stood very still on an old dog towel in mortal fear of spilling hair dye on the marble floor. It was very stressful. In the end my hair ended up looking perfect and not being green or falling out in large clumps. All for $2.99.


Anne said...

You found hair dye for $2.99??? I'm impressed with your dye shopping skills!

Wide Lawns said...

yeah, revlon at target.

kerry said...

I'm glad your hair came out right!

RP said...

I never got up the guts to dye my hair at home after watching my mom dye her hair at home. No, there wasn't any green hair - that would have been cool! - but it seemed like a big pain.

I did have it colored in a salon for a couple of years following a couple of years of highlighting, but then I started freaking out at the gray roots that would appear after a mere 10 days. So I just stopped, and the only repercussion is that no one knows how old I am. Oh, and a couple of times a year someone asks whether I have my hair colored. If you ever find a salon that gives out brown + silver dye jobs, you let me know.

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