Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation Halfway Point

This shocks me, but nothing particularly noteworthy has happened on this trip, which is a wonderful thing. Everything has gone well so far, though I haven't gotten a picture of the dogs yet and I was stunned to see that the dunkies and asses are no longer. I don't know what happened. They have been replaced by what my husband called "long eared horses" because he is just not, not, not from the country.

"Why are those horses' ears so long?" he asked.

"Because they're mules," I said.

So yes, there are now mules in the dunky pasture.

Also, and I know some of you were really worried about this, so you'll be thrilled to learn that yes, indeed racism is alive and well. I thought maybe with the new president and everything we have eradicated it, but, yeah, nope we have not. Racism thrives people. Right here in Millpond. Lots of racism. Nobody likes them negroes and Spaniards. Don't even get them started on our president who comes from the country of Africa. I don't know how on earth this was a blue state last election because I haven't found a single, solitary person who can even utter Obama's name without a curse. Frankly, I'm just sick of hearing everyone bitch about politics. Many people have asked me my opinions on current events since I've been here and I think they're doing it to trap me into some sort of a fight, so I just avoid it and change the subject, which I'm going to do right now.

Mommom Jewel is doing well. She's at the doctor all day today. We took her to breakfast and then I cooked her a big dinner and she taught me how to make iced tea properly and how to make cucumbers and onions so they'd taste right. We made some funny videos of her in the kitchen. She said she feels all right but gets out of breath and she can't be on her feet long. Other than that, she's well. I think it made her really happy to have us up. She bought me some homemade jellies at the farmstand. One thing you all don't know about me is my obsession with jam. It's ridiculous and I'm spoiled, so it has to be homemade and the more obscure the flavor the better. I literally eat jam out of the jar with an iced tea spoon. Whenever I go on trips I buy jam as a souvenir. So far I have found beach plum jelly and I'm on the hunt for crab apple. Just one of my quirks, I guess. I'm also freakishly fanatical about homemade bread and butter pickles, which a lot of people don't like for some reason.

In other news, the rest of the family is well. Bella is great. Memere Marie is fantastic. I had some watermelon with her the other day. They have these black watermelons here. I think they're an heirloom variety or something, but they are good. I'm going to bring one home. They are just full of seeds, so I could maybe plant my own.

You know, I'm just having a nice time. I'm glad my husband came with me. It cracks me up watching him experiencing Millpond and smalltown life. It's so foreign to him and he can't get over the whole thing. He said it was very cinematic and like something out of "Fried Green Tomatoes." He keeps commenting about all the trees and how loud the night is with all the locusts and crickets whirring and clanging. He loves the tall, dense cornfields and the fireflies. We don't have things like that in Florida. It's a huge contrast from what he's used to. I really miss it up here. This is the most beautiful time of year, by far. One day I hope I'll be a rich and famous best-selling author so I can buy a summer home here. That is my dream.

Back at home, because of course this had to happen while I was away, we have our first Cone of Death of 2009. It was certainly late in coming, but TD 2 has developed and is rapidly strengthening. I haven't checked the news yet on it today, but I'll be home Sunday, so if it's coming for us I think I'll still have time to panic about gas, batteries, plywood and french toast ingredients. I wouldn't want to miss out on that kind of fun.

I'm meeting some friends for lunch right now, so I'm going to get back to vacationing.

I hope you all are well.


CC said...

Do they actually call the Hispanic people around the town (who are more likely NOT from Spain) Spaniards?

Jeannie said...

We've got markets and wineries all over the place here that sell all sorts of jams. Or family members make it.

Nanci said...

I am so glad you are having a great trip! We all miss you and are excited for more updates! I'm glad Husband is enjoying his time in farm coutry! As for the TD2, I do not think anything major will develop with this storm as far as hitting land, but, I'm proud to say I am about as predictable as the drunk weather man we have on our local weather channel. He happened to get fired from a big name news station and came to the low level local news, still drunk! We watch for entertainment value now - when he points to the East he must be talking about HIS east because it certainly is not the viewers east!!! On a side note, I must say Wal-Mart and Home Depot/Lowe's are considered "Satan's Armpit" during hurricane season!

Good luck on your drive back and make Husband take a picture with the long eared horse! :) (That was too cute!)

P.S. BIG NEWS!!!!!! COUSIN FALLON JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!! (found out last night) SHE IS HAVING AN ENGAGEMENT BBQ ON THIS FRIDAY!!! Perhaps "The Cyclone" will be the wedding song?! Just kidding! I'm super happy for her.

Anonymous said...

Do they actually call the Hispanic people around the town (who are more likely NOT from Spain) Spaniards?

Somehow "the spanish" has come to be the preferred term of the racists and ignorant around here. Maybe because Puerto Ricans got here before the Mexicans and Guatemalans?

Sinclair said...

Glad you are having a great time. On a side note, I watched the movie Julia & Julie (I think) last Friday... I thought about you, but I won't spoil it for the readers. Meryl Streep was amazing!

CC said... are Puerto Ricans any more "Spanish" than Mexicans and Guatemalans?

I've heard the term used before but I don't understand exactly what the reasoning is, other than just laziness/ignorance about using other terms.

Either way, I didn't mean to derail the conversation too much.

kerry said...

Glad you're having such a nice time (in spite of the narrow-minded).

I hope you find some fantastic jam.


Anonymous said...

Could you please post how to make iced tea "properly"---I'm not kidding. Also, I have similiar watermelons growing in my garden right now. They start out striped but turn black. Supposedly they are "Moon and Stars" but so far no moons, no stars.

And I made more freezer jam last week: peach, rhubarb-peach, and blueberry. If you come to visit, you can have whole jars to yourself.

Best to your grandma.


Stephanie said...

Woo! I actually won a big-ass purple ribbon for crab apple jelly in a county fair when I was a kidlet. You're right to be searching for it; it's amazing stuff! It's the loveliest jewel-toned red color and tastes tartly sweet. MMM. DAMN.

I wish I still lived near people with trees so I could steal their crab apples and juice 'em up.

Anonymous said...

We do sand plum jelly around here. I've made it but have never picked the fruit. It comes from bushes along the dirt roads. Glad to hear you are having a good time.

the Bag Lady said...

I make pluot jam. It is lovely! (email me your address and I'll send you some!)

Laurel said...

For some reason I keep picturing Millpond as somewhere around the DelMarVa area (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia). We used to live in SE Va and drive through the Eastern Shore to visit family in Baltimore, and every time you describe Millpond it just reminds me of the area.

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