Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sugarbaby Watermelon

Ok, so I went to lunch and I got to thinking that maybe someone could have taken my mention of a black watermelon very much in the wrong direction. You know how people are. A lot of times they'll see something like two words together - black and watermelon and their reading comprehension will suddenly fail them and they'll become blind with rage and then a misunderstanding happens.

Allow me to clarify the black watermelon situation. The rind of the watermelon, its skin, is actually quite black. At home the watermelons we get in the grocery store are light green and some have darker stripes. The ones here that have me all wild with melon passion, are such a dark, solid, stripeless, matte green that they actually look as if they are black. In fact, they look like they're made of rubber, like an old inner tube. The watermelons themselves are actually black. Do we understand this people? Inside they are as deep red as filet mignon and very seedy.

I have done some asking around as to these watermelons and they are called Sugarbabies. They are absolutely superior as far as watermelons go. I have never tasted a better variety ever and I know my watermelon.

See it for yourself.

No, I am not a racist. Yes I did mention racism and watermelon in the same post. Yes I made fun of the racists here and then turned around and said I wanted a summer house here. The two are not related. I simply love the landscape. I can do without some of the people, Lord knows, but there are also many wonderful, great people too. Just like with anywhere.

I hope this makes more sense now.


Jean_Phx said...

I am a little surprised that you felt you needed an exlanation of your entry. I don't think I've ever read anyone that was less racist - but some people are odd and I guess they could get there. But, boy I hope I have more to do then misread all of your wonderful posts. And yes, I will have some of that jam! Thanks for all of the excellent posts - again. Have a great rest of your vacation.

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense.

JoeinVegas said...

Actually, that does sound pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I am also surprised about the need
to clarify - and I read the post
after the explanation.

I hope you get your dream home.

You're an excellent writer and
someone would have to have a stick
up their ass to even try and connect the 2 words.

From everything you have written,
and that I have read (missed the
first part, darn it of the Wide
Lawns saga (oh I would buy that
in a heartbeat)...

I have never read a racist thought
from your writing... truly.

Now, go get that dream home ;)
and enjoy the rest of your trip.

I think it's great that your hubby
is seeing the beauty and difference
of city life to country.

That's the best.

Cathi in Canada

catherine said...

people are weird...on another blog I read, someone got all bent out of shape when we were talking about entitled people and called them precious little snowflakes. This person thought it was a racist term for a white person, LOL!

Unknown said...

Yet another reason to HATE political correctness. What ever happened to just being nice?

I knew exactly what you were talking about because I'm from Oklahoma. We eat BLACK DIAMOND watermelons. So delicious!!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

narrow minds narrow minds narrow minds...

Sheesh! Some people could stand to lighten up! Have some watermelon.

Rich said...

Hey, it wasn't too long ago that a City Councilor (in Texas I think) had to apologize for referring to a money pit as a "black hole". Then there was the uproar over the use of the work "niggardly", which of course has nothing to do with the "n" word.
So, I guess I understand the hypersensitivity you felt. It's just too bad that we live in a day and age when it has to even cross your mind.
Keep up the good writing.

Johnny Virgil said...

Here's a good pic.

Erica said...

I actually don't like watermelon but I had fun playing around on the site you linked looking at heirloom varieties of a bunch of different vegetables. It did strike me that those sugar babies are beautiful. Three hours later my husband (who loves watermelon) and I went to pick up our farm share and lo and behold...sugar baby watermelons! I'm just excited to cut it up and see the inside. I asked the guy who runs the farm if they were indeed sugar babies and he was all impressed I knew the variety. So now it looks like I'm this super informed watermelon geek. Thanks for giving me that moment :)

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Those are the watermelons that i grew when I lived in Pop. 259. They were just about ready to pick when we got hit by a hurricane, during which a tornado whipped by our house, picking up the melons and turning them into torpedoes! We found the remnants smashed against our neighbor's house.

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn, that is exactly what I was thinking. Here in Oklahoma we have Black Diamond watermelons. They are always more expensive but taste really good.

Dayna said...

Looks like a giant eggplant

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Glad your grandma is doing better. That was quite a scare. How is Canela now?

What the heck... taking away the dunkys??? Is that area even zoned for long eared horses? A call to your local representative might be in order!

Years ago, here in western Canada I took my (to be) hubby for walk on the ranch during calving season. He got too close to a male calf that had been left snoozing by its mama. The calf startled and lurched up, accidentally butting him in the thigh.

To this day he tells people he was "charged by a bull" on the ranch.

SG said...

Well.. you do make a lot of sense!

Unknown said...

Oh man...
I'm a rookie here, on this here web-site
But I've been growin' melons for decades, out in Zone (9)!

As for the so-called "racists" that have attached your great melon posts


The've got nothin' better to do,
Than stir up trouble

Keep on growing thos HIGH BRIX melons,
And don't be swayed by those out there, that are jealous of your melon patch successes!



Over the decades,
My DARK Rinded watermelon successes included the following varieties:

(1) Densuke,
(2) Himi Kansesn,
(3) Asia Sweet.

Grow on...

Anonymous said...

I'm growing Black Diamond melons in my backyard. The vines are loaded with melons from marble size to large football size. I also found some rogue watermelons coming up in the yard from the previous renter. I transplanted them and I actually found three baby melons that look like Charleston Gray. Can't get much better than Black Diamond and Charleston Grays !

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