Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life is Good

Do you people know how busy I've been this week? I can not even explain to you my busy-ness. The good news is that I got everything done that needed to be done and now I can ease back into blogging and reading books by the pool like I should be doing.

I'm busy because school starts Monday and I am teaching at two different schools now. Two different schools who have all sorts of different requirements and things that need to be done in two different ways. That's what I did this week. I also made four different syllabi and one school is so over-enrolled that they are begging me to take on another class, which is tempting because the money is quite good. I don't know yet though because my sanity is more important than the extra cash. In addition to that, someone emailed me yesterday and offered me yet ANOTHER huge paying job in addition to the other two jobs and it doesn't require much time commitment, so I'm probably going to do that too. Clearly the recession isn't a problem in my field, I guess. So I'm extremely grateful for all of this and very glad to be extremely busy. Being busy keeps me from stewing and getting depressed over nonsense I cook up in my head because I'm bored.

And to think, a couple short months ago I was in utter despair thinking I was going to be broke on my ass with no paycheck. Now they're beating down my door to get me to work. This makes me very, very happy. Now I don't need to put ads on the site and clutter it all up. That is a relief. I have to say again, how thankful I am to have all these opportunities. I know there are a lot of people who don't have them now and that makes me feel a little guilty.

But on to other good news...

My sister has the most normal, nice, handsome boyfriend imaginable! They've been dating since late spring and things are going really well. I adore him. He likes to cook and read books, so he and I have a lot to talk about. My sister has also now graduated from college and is training for a half marathon. She has come so far in a year, since her horrible run-in with Brad the con man and I'm really proud of her. Her new boyfriend is so perfect that in the beginning we each kept thinking it was too good to be true, that something was going to happen, like one night he'd finally let on to her that he liked wearing women's bras and panties or something. It never happened, thank God, and at this point both she and I agreed that if he comes up with that, that he's just so great all around that she'll let him wear her underwear as long as he promises not to stretch it out too much.

My parents are still on their RV tour of the United States. They've left California and headed back East through the Midwest. They're on their way to New England now. No recent celebrity sightings.

Mommom Jewel continues to improve. She went to her first rehab yesterday and had all sorts of complaints about it, which means that she's feeling like herself because she loves to complain. I was going to go see her in October but she informed me that she is going to a hot air balloon festival in the mountains the weekend I have off, so now I'll have to figure out somewhere else to go instead. Good for Mommom.

Canela is a raging pain in my ass right now. We are currently engaged in a battle of wills in The War of the New Cat Food. I will win this, little cat. I will starve you until you eat the new food. She replies: "Silly human. You will get no sleep. I will terrorize your every waking and sleeping hour until you return the old food."

My cousin Fallon got engaged two weeks ago. Her boyfriend proposed to her on the stage of Sloppy Joe's in Key West and she accepted. They want to have the wedding in Key West as well, which I can't wait for because I love Key West and also I know that it will be full of Aunt Kiki's drunken drama and I will have things to write about for years from this wedding.

Part of the reason for my slim posting the past week is not only because I had to get ready for school to start, but also because it seems like a bazillion different publications that I'm submitting to had deadlines of September 1st. That meant that I had to do a crap ton of non-blog writing all at once and it took up a lot of time. Then, this week, totally out of the blue, I got an email that another poem of mine is going to be published in October. YAY! This also made me really happy.

So it was a good week. Busy is good. I'm happy and well and acupuncture continues to make me one with the Universe.

As my dad says all time: "Shit is just good."

And because things are so good for me, I am sending out to all of you some of my positive, busy, hardworking, healing, happy, not taking any crap, successful energy. I like to share. Have fun with it.


kerry said...

Congratulations to your cousin! Yay for all the good stuff, for you and your family!

MtnMama said...

Yay for the universe and you! ;)

So happy for you on all fronts. Enjoy!

Laurie said...

How awesome! I'm so glad things are going so well for you and everyone - you absolutely deserve it. Thanks for the return vibes too!! :)

Mamie said...

Wide, I am so glad that Shit Is Good for you! Do please send those vibes... I need 'am!

Delainie said...

I'm so glad things are going so well for you! Thanks for passing on the good vibes!

Thanks for the blog comment as well, so glad you like the quilts! The feedback on them has been amazing!

Melanie said...

What a long way you've come since the days of working with the homeowner's association. I'm very proud of you! And I can totally believe that people are beating your door down and begging you to work with them. That's how awesome you are!

Cassandra said...

Re: War of the new food.

I feel able to comment on this as it is something I know some about. It's better to transition her slowly to the new food(and this may end up being very slow indeed) cats are very stubborn. A dog won't starve itself to the point of illness if there is food to eat but a cat will - they get this liver thing sometimes, ask your vet.

I've found the best way to transition a cat is with very small baby steps. Good luck!

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Yay for good stuff going on. It's nice to see all your hard work pay off.

Pickyknitter said...

Congrats and thanks!

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