Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good News!

I just got a call from the vet with great news! Canela is fine! Her bloodwork came back and everything was within normal range, which means her one functioning kidney is doing a good job!! Of course, she still must be watched. She still needs medication and special food and whatnot, but she is not in imminent danger at all. YAY!! She will still be boarded at the vet while I am away because that way I know that she will be watched, fed properly and that her medicine will be administered. Also, if she declines at all, they'll catch it quickly.

Big sigh of relief. Thank you for your prayers. See, I told you it works.

I talked to Mommom Jewel last night as well. She sounded in better spirits too. She is looking forward to our visit and will be able to go see a movie, ride out to the DQ and maybe do a little light shoe shopping. She said she feels very good and is not bed-ridden. She said she looks a sight and is all bruised up from the blood thinners.

Interestingly Canela's issue and Mommom's issue both come from something they were born with. Canela was born with a deformed kidney. Most likely this was because her mama was a stray and didn't have proper care and nutrition while pregnant. Mommom had all kinds of tests done and she has no blockage, no hardening of the arteries and no heart disease whatsoever. The cardiologist found that her heart was simply a little too small. He said she was born this way and that it has probably made her sleepy all her life, but nothing she would have noticed. Well, physically her heart may be too small, but you'd certainly never know it. In spirit, her heart is gigantic.

This is what she told me:

"Don't waste a second of your life worrying. Don't worry about me. Don't worry about anything. Worry is a waste of time. Worry takes away from the time you could be using to spread love, care, compassion and joy to others. When you worry, you're just making up stuff in your head, thinking about things that haven't even happened yet and don't exist. Spend your time in the right here and right now, just loving instead."

Mommom is a secret Zen master in the disguise of a little, old, southern, church lady.
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onemeanmfa said...

I think if all the worriers out there, myself included, followed your Mommom's great advice their lives would be improved; the world, a happier place. I read that quote and shouted AMEN! afterwards. Felt good.

Good luck with everything and travel safe.

TK said...

Mommom = Zen master, absolutely!

Wonderful news!

Sundar said...

I don't mean to be a devil's advocate here, nor do I want to take away the joy and relief from this news.

But there are people (way too many, I think) who, given the situation you were in, wouldn't spare a minute worrying/doing anything about it. I am not saying worrying is the solution to the problem. But it could be a trigger for a solution to the problem.

Joy said...

Oh, I think I love mommom. She is wisdom incarnate. So glad for your good news. Was praying and sending white light, just didn't comment.

cat_trapper said...

Whew! I swear I worried about Canela all night long last night. So glad to hear she pulled through.

Before you leave you should take her a t-shirt you have worn or slept in and has your scent on it. She can use it as a bed. Having you're scent to comfort her will help remind her you will be back for her.

kerry said...

Yay for good news!!! I'm glad Canela will be taken care of and will be fine.

Zen master as the church lady- I like it and I agree! Worrying does sap energy that could be used for something good. It's a sign that you care, so it's not entirely a bad thing, but too much worrying I think is bad.

I hope Mommom Jewel does well with her (so-called) too small heart. It sounds like her heart is big where it counts, and you'd be amazed at the "defects" that people live with and do just fine.

Hilary said...

Glad to hear your good news. She sounds like a gem.. a very wise gem.

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Wonderful news from both camps!!

Enjoy your visit back home.
And bring us back some pretzel salad, would ya?

Reiven said...

Grandparents are the best. When my Granny died, I was happy for her, because I knew that she would be happier. I believe in reincarnation and other weird stuff. I also felt her around me, watching after me and I felt her pride for me when I graduated college. I don't look at death the way most people do. For me it's just a transformation, caterpillar to butterfly. It's just really hard on us, those left behind.
I believe the same way as your Mommmon about worrying. We all die/transition/metamorphose and all the worrying in the world won't change it. So spend your time in love and thoughtfulness. I still regret that when my precious Bear died I filled his last few hours with the heaviness of my grief. I wish instead that I would have played, laughed and been strong for him. There was plenty of time for crying after he was gone.

Reiven said...

@ Sundar:

There is an enormous difference between worrying (static, negative) and being proactive (positive action). It is possible to consider the facts of a situation without "worrying" about it. One could look at all of the facts, consider many possibilities and act on what one believes to be best, without wasting a moment on worry. Mommom's definition of worry is right on target.

JoeinVegas said...

Glad things turned out ok

Nanci said...

Yay Canela! FatCat and DeeDee send kitten-kisses for her to feel better!!!

Good luck with everything! We all love you and have you in our prayers!


Heather V said...

I'm so happy that Canela is doing better! And it sounds like you have a great vet.

It's great that your Mommom is doing better too, and that you will be able to go enjoy some time with her.

What a relief!

Icyclectic said...

I am going to cherish that piece wisdom about not worrying, and put it in my "favourite quotations" on Facebook.

And I'm crediting "Mommom Jewel", so people can google her and find out everything about her on your blog.

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