Saturday, August 22, 2009

And How Did I Forget To Mention...

I don't know how I forgot this, but I must address the whole "Megan Wants a Millionaire" nonsense.

Of course I would know someone on the trashiest possible VH1 reality show that out-trashed all the other ones by featuring a stripper-murderer, which was so sordid and horrible and trashy and terrible that VH1 actually canceled it, which means it has to be beyond terrible. Of course I would have actually encouraged someone to go on this show. Luckily, the someone I know is not the stripper murderer. Thank freaking God, because I do not want to say that I have ever had contact with evil scumbags who abuse women or murder them.

Now there is all kinds of BS coming out that the show does background checks on contestants. I told you all months ago that at least one contestant had a criminal background and wasn't even rich, so I'm not sure how thorough these background checks really were.

I have not seen much of the show. Last week I made a feeble attempt to watch five minutes of it to see the person I (barely) knew. I couldn't handle it. For real. I have never seen such garbage in my life and the girl Megan whomever, isn't even cute. I felt like my college degree was going to be revoked for watching this drek. I'm not kidding you. I can say though, that at least, and this isn't saying much let me tell you, that the person I know did at least, in the five minutes I struggled to watch, not act like an asshole in comparison to his castmates. And I say this because my mother taught me to always try to find something positive to say about everything. At least he didn't act like an asshole. At least he has never murdered a stripper. That makes me proud.


MtnMama said...

Okay, I've missed (intentionally) a lot of the dreck on TV that passes as Reality Entertainment, but that must be a new low. Ugh. I fear for our society. I know darkness is there, but do we have to feed it? And do we have to feed it Filet Mignon?

carolyn said...

tell me is the person you barley know just happen to be your sister ex boyfriend.;)

Wide Lawns said...

No, not my sister's ex-boyfriend. A former neighbor from many years ago.

JoeinVegas said...

They both lived here in Vegas for a while, and to hear that they used the CSI identification off of breast implant serial numbers, oh, poor girl . .
And they did not cancel the show, just delayed it.

Anonymous said...

I hear they just found the murderer dead of an apparent suicide. Coward.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

The Fifth Sparrow said...

Hi, the murderer is from my hometown and the paper is just churning it out.

It just defies imagination that people can treat one another in this manner.

So glad your friend didn't end up making a connection with the monster.
Canadian extradition being what it is (Charles Ng took 10 freaking years) this at least brings closure to her poor family. And his.

catherinette said...

I love all the garbage they have on Vh1, but I can't bring myself to tune into this one. She's a total bimbo, not that Daisy of Daisy of Love was any better.

I would, however, totally recommend that you tune into I Love Antonio.

JDogg said...

In the six-degrees bit, I met her in '06 in New York City.

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