Friday, July 10, 2009

Wide Lawns and Tere-Tere Have a Psychic Connection

You are never going to believe this. I have had a documentable psychic experience. YES!!!!!

My dear friend, who also has a blog, early today wrote a post on her blog about the time she and I visited a fancy hotel in Miami and spent a good 20 minutes frolicking in the fancy bathroom, which was very similar to the bathroom of the Ritz in San Francisco. I hadn't read her post. I had no idea that she wrote about this at all, yet I felt an overwhelming desire to write my story about the Ritz bathroom this afternoon. HAND TO GOD. We wrote on the same topic on the same day without even knowing it. We have a connection. I'm very excited to be seeing her both tomorrow and Sunday where perhaps we will have to practice telekinesis and remote viewing next.


Tere said...

I love that the depth of our friendship can be measured in psychic terms. And in bathrooms. No wonder I love you so.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when I was young and beautiful, my then BF flew me to the Bahamas for an evening of gambling. I swear I spent 15 minutes at the blackjack table and 2 hours in the bathroom. All gold fixtures and crystal, I wanted to move in, too.

After reading your post I am rather disappointed that I didn't have to poop. It would've made a great come-back line for braggarts ... "I've *shit* in better places than this."


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