Friday, July 31, 2009

Update and Possible Solution

I just brought Canela home from the vet. They were very positive and though she has only 25% kidney function, they said there are things that can be done. She got fluids and is not dehydrated and does not have a fever. Her spirits are great and she has a big appetite. All of these are good signs. She gets to have wet food now, mixed with pumpkin, cat grass and probiotic powder, which they said has catnip in it to make cats love it and she went crazy when I opened the sachet, so this is apparently true. She ate like a horse.

I told the vet my problem about my grandmother and the vet, who needs to be sainted immediately, said Canela can stay there so that I can go be with Mommom. They will monitor her, feed her what she needs and give her the medication properly. They will groom her, play with her and keep her out of the cage most of the day. They also have 24 hour care, which is really good. Honestly, they will probably take better care of her than I would. This way I know that if anything changes or happens that it will be taken care of immediately. This will give me the peace of mind that I need in order to go be with my grandmother, who also needs me.

I'm still not thrilled about any of this. Believe me. This has been very hard. But I feel a little better. I feel less like a horrible person.

My grandmother told me she is dying of a broken heart and it can't be fixed. What can I do with that? And please don't tell me stories about perfectly healthy people dying soon after their spouses. Of course I've heard these stories. Of course I realize that may be happening. This is what everyone tells me when I tell them about Mommom. How is telling me that supposed to make me feel better? Or her? Likewise to the people who asked me about my health and then when I told them, they responded by telling me horror stories about people they knew who died young of what it looks like I have. What the hell is wrong with people? Jesus Christ.

Maybe I need to do another day of no consequences post soon, but I don't want to drum up bad energy.

But thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes for both my kitty and my grandmother. I really, really appreciate it and I do believe that prayer and the sending of good energies works.

Canela says hi. She's sitting in the window slashing her tail at lizards in the yard. She looks healthy, but she's mad that her butt is all wet and sticky. Bless her little kitty heart. They had to give her an enema and I think things got messy, so they gave her a bath, but she still kind of stinks.


Laurie said...

Big kitty hugs from my cats Jack and Georgia to Canela, and big comphy hugs to you. God bless your vet - Canela couldn't be in better hands other than yours, and you'll be free to see your grandma - just having you there will definitely do her a world of good, you'll see. Prayers and healing vibes to you and your family, with lots of love. Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. My grandma was sick recently and it was a very sad and scary time for my family. She's doing better now, and I hope your grandma recovers soon as well.

I came over here to remind you about my husband's show:
in Miami this week. You'll probably be away though.

Good luck, widelawns! I'll be thinking of you.


Pickyknitter said...

Coming late to the party - I am glad Canela is feeling better. I think leaving her at the 24 hour vet while you visit grandma is a good plan.

Sending good wishes all around - and no scary stories. Remember to breathe.

The Hosta Chronicles said...

So glad to hear that Canela is feeling better. Scratches and rubbies to her.

I'm sorry about your Mommom, I no longer have either of mine so I'm sending lots of prayers and good energy her way.

Remember to take care of yourself, too. My mom has a saying: 'the sick bring the well down'; so do what you have to to keep yourself healthy too, in the midst of everything that's going on.

You are in my and GeekBoy's thoughts and prayers.

The Fifth Sparrow said...

So glad sweet Canela is feeling better. I love the Canela tales, especially when her arch enemy comes a-visiting. It's been 5 years since I had cats but I can picture the turmoil clearly.

It's much more complicated with your grandmother's issue. I was raised by my great-grand and she always felt better when I had the time to just sit and listen.

She loved to tell me story after story about the past, old friends, old times.
She'd light right up and the glow would last for a long, long time.

Everyone is probably pooh-poohing your grandma when she says her heart is broken. It would make them uncomfortable to even consider she might be right.

Does anyone feel comfortable to just listen and let her talk it out?

Maybe she will succumb to her depression but sometimes, just having your feelings come out your mouth and into your own ear helps you get them straightened out and some closure.

It's been over 15 years and I still miss my Gram every day. I'd give so much to just hear another story.

I will be praying for you all. Safe trip.

BeerPup said...

I'm sorry for what's happening to your grandma and your kitty.

Having to go through stress and grief, and then having to listen to the stupid crap some people say is a burden I wish you didn't have to bear. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Sinclair said...

Please disregard my last comment WL. I read it before this one. Sounds like Canela is well taken care of and now you can go visit grandma.

Give her a big fat healing kiss from all your internet fans :)

Mamie said...

Thinking about you, Mommom, and Canela. Don't fret or feel guilty about needing to be with both of them; that's how it is when you love people AND animals. Take care!

the Bag Lady said...

No horror stories here - just best wishes to both your grandmother and Canela. And a hug for you. (Oh, yippee, a hug from a total stranger - that's guaranteed to make you feel better, eh?)

Hilary said...

Sending best thoughts for your Grandmother, your kitty.. and for you.

Maria said...

I'm sorry for everything your going through. I really hope your grandmother feels better. I'm sure the time you're going to spend with her will help her feel better. Also, the both of you should watch the movie Up together. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sending hugs and good thoughts for your grandmother and beloved kitty ... and to you and your family. Take care.

Miss Kitty said...

Many hugs to you, Canela, and Mommom Jewel. You've cared for both your kitty and your grandma as few other people would, and there's a special place in heaven for you because of that.

Hang in there. We'll be here waiting for you (and sending prayers your way).

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