Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Parent Papparazzi

It's a teaching day for me, but I wanted to share a brief tidbit from my parents, who, as you may know, are currently camped out on their bus on a Malibu beachfront. They're traveling around the country by RV this summer and have been in LA for the past two weeks. I asked them to please report all celebrity sightings. Last week they spotted Jessica Simpson having a lunch interview at the Beverly Hills Hotel where she was drinking a Diet Coke and wearing no makeup. My dad managed to snap a picture of her and I thought she looked stunningly gorgeous with no makeup on. Sort of how Jane Magazine used to do "makeunders" on people and they always looked fresher.

"She is not in the least bit fat," reports my mother.

This morning my father called me whispering. I could barely hear him.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"We're having breakfast at this hole in the wall place in Malibu and Sean Penn just walked in!!"


"YES!" my dad whispered.

"Don't take a picture of him or he'll kick your ass," I warned.

Later my mom explained that Sean Penn appeared to be having breakfast with his mom and that he looked like a big dirt bag and was not someone she would ever want to be seen in public with. I understand, but I loved his acting in "Milk." Such a good film.

Also sighted in the past week were Shirley Maclaine leaving a Ralph's grocery store and Lesley Anne Warren who I wouldn't know if she beat me over the head with an expensive purse. At the celebrity wedding my mom had her picture taken with the guy who played Charlotte's husband on Sex & The City. He was also Hurley's imaginary, evil alter ego on Lost and was briefly on 24 and a ton of other stuff. My mom said he was really nice and they talked for a long time about how he survived cancer. I was touched.

That's all for now, but I bet by tomorrow my mom will be drinking cocktails with Russell Brand (I'm reading his memoir right now and it's really funny).


Nanci said...

You Mom is so magnetic and people just love her! :) They must be having so much fun!

kate2.0 said...

My husband and I take trips to LA, and we always hope to see famous people, but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe they're there, and we just don't recognize them!

Love all your stories - hope you keep them coming! :)

MtnMama said...

I'm surprised you don't know Lesley Anne Warren. I grew up watching her as Cinderella over and over until I got too old for it; they used to run it on TV every year (back in the oooold days). "do I love you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I love you?"

Stephanie said...

Your parents are awesome. They sound like cool people and must be cool people (and famous people) magnets.

Ayda said...

I heard Russell Brand on an NPR interview and have been obsessed with him ever since. I'm convinced he's my husband I haven't met yet.

Reiven said...

Damn! I was in Malibu yesterday, I could have stopped by to say "hello".
Just kidding, I mean, I was in Malibu (took my dog to the vet)but I wouldn't just drop in without calling first. :-) I never recognize actors in real life. I LOVE Russel Brand and if your mom has coffee with him I will PAY you to get me an invite!

Jean_Phx said...

Your parents rock. What a good time and your mom seems to be the kind of person that someone whom wouldn't normally do that, would sit with her for hours pouring out their woes. No wonder you have that cool factor all over you! :-)

nandy said...

You have to remember that Charlotte had TWO husbands. By your description, you must mean Evan Handler, who was husband #2.

Wide Lawns said...

Yes! You're right! I totally forgot. I meant the one she ended up with in the end who was in the movie. The father of her children.

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