Sunday, July 05, 2009

As Promised, Potato Salad Picture

Here is the finished result of the potato salad I made for the neighbor's BBQ last night. It was quite a hit. I mean, it has bacon in it after all. You know how people get over bacon. I certainly liked it. I can even venture to say that this potato salad is better than the Pioneer Woman's potato salad and I'd like to challenge Pioneer Woman to a friendly, lighthearted little Potato Salad Throwdown, Bobby Flay style. Now don't get me wrong. I've made and thoroughly enjoyed some of her recipes, but not her nasty potato salad. I may not have a fancy camera or the patience to measure my ingredients and take pictures of every single, God forsaken minute step of a recipe, like she does, but I'm telling you people, I can make a better potato salad. So anyone who's made her recipe, make mine and tell me if it's not a million times better. Of course if she'd like to invite me out to her ranch to pick blackberries and make it for her in person like a real throwdown, I'm not saying I wouldn't accept the challenge. You know what I mean? But I think she'd be too scared. I mean, bacon. It has bacon in it.


G.H. said...

Yumm. What is it about bacon.


Anonymous said...

I think your picture looks horrible, but I bet it tastes delicious.

Wide Lawns said...

Potato salad is not photogenic.

Rich said...

Potato Salad may not be photogenic, but I would eat your potato salad over hers any day. I have just recently started eating pork bacon again after about 12 years.
The fact that she puts sweet pickles (I hate any kind of pickles that are not sour) and dijon mustard in hers totally just skeeves me out. I guess I am just used to my aunts potato salad.

Anonymous said...

No, potato salad isn't very photogenic, but your not-a-recipe-recipe sounds really good. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, would be better than the slop my MIL makes. It's basically cold mashed potatoes with mayo, sweet pickle relish and boiled eggs. YELCH! What's worse - she raves about it to everyone within earshot. Going on and on about how she's never found any potato salad as good as hers. First time I tried it was the last time I ever ate it - despite the fact that she uses an entire 10 POUND BAG of potatoes to make a batch of the vile stuff at every single family gathering where food is involved and The Husband's entire family loves it.

Alisonian said...

Oh man, I thought the PW potato salad looked vomitous too. 26 years on this planet and I've never seen a mashed potato salad and I hope I never will in person. Barf-a-roni!

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