Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank God for Mozy

Dear readers, please be advised that I am currently in a state of utter panic as this morning, my trusted, dear laptop has passed from this earth. Steps to revive it have been taken, though none have yet proved successful. I am currently writing on my parents' computer, which is in their kitchen and which is not very conducive to extensive writing. I came here because they have a really fancy espresso machine and at a time like this my cone filter thingy that I use to make coffee just wasn't cutting it. Please say a prayer for my laptop, as I can not afford a new one and because I really love it. At the same time, I'd like to make a public service announcement. Mozy is good. Use it. Sign up for it. Do it now. Do the free one. Do the one you have to pay for. No matter what, Mozy is your friend. I want to go give Mozy a lot of hugs and kisses and bake it cupcakes right now. Because of Mozy I can still graduate. That is all. And please send super lap top healing energy or lots of money energy for me so that I can buy a new laptop if need be. Or a fancy coffee maker and fancy coffee to go in it and maybe a new bathing suit as the elastic is falling out of mine and it won't stay on my butt. Thank you.


Aleta said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your laptop. Sending positive vibes your way that everything gets fixed!

catherine said...

booo about the laptop, that really sucks. I hope you didn't lose to much info.
As for coffee, why don't you get a french press?
Its a glass thing that kinda looks like a mug. You add boiling water and coffee grounds. When it has steeped to the way you like, push down the press. It squishes all the grounds to the bottom. It works great for loose tea too.

JoeinVegas said...

I hear the French Press is good. I got a Tassimo thingie for the office here, one cup at a time and they have Starbucks grounds! It's been in use over a year and we like it.
As far as the elastic, please let me know where you will be swimming so I can bring the telephoto lens along just (hopefully) in case.

Albany Jane said...

Good thing you had a wonderful backup!

I've basically given up on coffee (although the parents' looks fabulous and maybe easy?) since I don't really have space for a machine, and I tend to burn any coffee made on the stove. I've switched to instant coffee.

Le Kutz said...

I know these are all tragic events, but this post made me laugh-snort so hard my cat gave me the eye. Especially the bathing suit elastic. I promise to send you ALL my karmatic energy power as long as you send some of that elastic karma my way; it is why I have gone commando for the past 3 months. No underwear and a deathly shopping aversion.


Kent said...

Yes, online backup is standard backup practice this day. Free 2GB is more than enough for important file. And $4.95/Month unlimited storage for your photos and songs is cheap.

Mozy Promotional Code said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop, but I'm happy to hear you had your data backed up with Mozy. Do you have a lot to restore? Most people don't know this, but (for a fee) Mozy will ship you a DVD set of your data, so you don't have to wait for it to download.

The free version of Mozy is good on its own, but when you're ready to back-up everything, the unlimited MozyHome is a great deal. $4.95 / month backs up all your data, including your photos, mp3 collection, and even your school files! You can save 20% on Mozy 1- and 2-year agreements using a Mozy Promotional Code

the Bag Lady said...

I can send you some elastic to sew into your bathing suit............

(my word verification was nanglu - perhaps that would help hold your bathing suit up!)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you put a paypal donation button on your side bar? Those of us who love you and follow you would sure kick in a few bucks to help you out with a new laptop! I sure would!

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