Friday, June 19, 2009

Overheard in the Mall - Limpie el Piso

The other day I was at the mall with my friend Emma (that's where we encountered the Anthropologie window display). We were at the fancy mall which has a Bulgari store, a Louis Vuitton and a Kate Spade store and had gone there for lunch. After lunch we had time to kill so we decided to walk off lunch and window shop. We rounded the corner past the Rosetta Stone kiosk which was piled high with yellow boxed sets of cds promising to help even you learn a new language with just a few easy clicks. Two well-dressed, affluent white women were having a conversation.

Woman 1 - I've always wanted to get that and learn a new language, like french or Chinese or something.

Woman 2 - Oh my God, I know. It's great. I have the Spanish one.

Woman 1 - You do? Really? I had no idea.

Woman 2 - Yes! It's fun, like a game.

Woman 1 - Yes, but does it really work? I mean, they make a lot of promises.

Woman 2 - It totally works! I can talk to the maid now!


Nanci said...

Well that's just fantastically encouraging! =0)

Sixteen Chickens said...

And I'm sure the maid appreciates that.

Anonymous said...

As sad as this really is, someone suggested it to me to learn arabic...good to have on my resume for law enforcement these days. Actually considered the purchase. I think it would have been a better waste of money than the wii!!

Emma said...

That was so funny! I still might get it. Anthropologie can keep their catheter bags, though.

Reiven said...

she should have bought one in English for her maid!

Nana said...

Until public protests (30 years ago), there was a paperback sold in LA, "Home Maid Spanish," that didn't bother with all the flighty poetic stuff...just the basics about what and where to clean.

JoeinVegas said...

Maybe I should get it, then I can talk to the housekeeping staff here at work. (my maid at home would hit me if I said anything about her)

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