Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Offbeat Bride

I have a new official blog crush. This morning I decided to poke around the Internet and gather together some interesting, wedding related websites to complement the Wide Lawns Wedding Guide. I found the perfect one. You need nothing else. I am officially in love with (and a little jealous of) Offbeat Bride. After writing the Wedding Guide, I had this idea to maybe turn it into a book. Alas, it has already been done and far better than anything I could come up with. Offbeat Bride has a creative, fun and very original blog and book about weddings. People write in for advice and she answers it in much the same way as I would, except better. She and I would definitely be friends in real life. I'm telling you. She's great. Check out her site, even if you are already married. Today's post is about potluck weddings! It's synchronicity I say. I LOVE potluck weddings. Have I not been blathering on about potluck weddings for days now? So, someone else has already written an alternative wedding guide. This means I'll just have to continue working on that memoir about growing up with a monkey, a watermelon salesman, a sister-aunt and seven nannies.


Aleta said...

When I was planning a wedding, I remember coming across her blog. I sent her an email asking questions and she was really helpful - very sweet person.

Looking forward to reading your monkey, watermelon salesman and sister-aunt and seven nannies stories!

Marisa said...

My fiance and I are getting married in September and we're having a potluck reception. In my case, it's a family tradition, my parents' wedding was also a communally catered event. I'm doing it because I love potlucks and the energy that is present when everyone is chipping in to make a day special. Luckily, people who know me understand that the potluck is in keeping with the kind of person I am, and so no one thinks it's too inappropriate.

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