Monday, May 18, 2009

Close Up of Peacock Deterrent System

You can see some of the damage not covered by the Advanced Deterrent System if you look real close.


Yankee said...

That's fantastic! (The deterrent system not the peacock.) When house hunting, I drove through a neighborhood that had an attack turkey. Everyone laughed at me but this turkey wouldn't let me drive down the road. Someone else drove down the street noting they had been pinned in the night before and tried to offer some advice. That house was immediately off of my list of potentials.

Albany Jane said...

Ah ha ha! I love it. Here's hoping it works!

Eric said...

Hee hee.
Weird as it may sound, we had some neighbors way up here in Seattle that had peacocks. Before my voice dropped I could do a passable peacock shriek.

My word is fersoci, Fersoci an Itialian cooking style found in Amalphi region involving crepes and peacock tongues.

Jeannie said...

I dunno - that peacock drawing is realistic enough that dumbass bird might just see it as an enemy - your deterrent could be shredded.

Pat said...

Silly me. I thought Peacocks would add something interesting to our bland country club environment.

I don't care much about my dumb car, so maybe it would still be a good idea.

Hey. I am reporting from Siberia now, but when I return, perhaps you can help me capture a few and bring them to the W. C. Oh...not the bathroom, but the West Coast.

If you help, there are all sorts of gluten free restaurants there now. :)

Paige said...

I have been trapped in the tack room of our barn by both feuding turkeys, and attack peacocks.

Ah, country living.

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