Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spring Training!

On Friday afternoon we went to see the Twins play the Yankees. It was a great game with a lot of suspense, which I like. My Minnesotan readers will be pleased to know that the Twins won. Unfortunately A-Rod wasn't playing (they're calling him A-Roid now). Of course I had all sorts of fantasies about seeing Madonna in the stands, but alas. It was not to be. I realized that I like Spring Training games a lot better than games in the regular season. There's something about the casual atmosphere that makes it feel more authentic and real. When you go to the big games during the regular season it feels overwhelming. With the over the top announcers, instant replays on Imax sized video screens, ten dollar hot dogs and seats so high up in the stands that the players look like ants, sometimes I feel like I may as well have just stayed home and watched it on TV. The huge high-tech stadiums distance me from the actual experience of the game. But Spring Training is the opposite. Tickets are cheap and pretty easy to come by. The stands are small so you can see what's going on. The players aren't announced with a blaring theme song. There are no instant replays so you actually have to pay attention to the game. There's a good chance of catching a foul ball hit into the stands and a snack of hot dogs and peanuts won't cause you to go into foreclosure. Spring Training is kind of like what I think baseball must have been like in the old days, and I love that.


Jean_Phx said...

In AZ we also get a lot of spring training (I believe that we are stealing a few of your teams next year) and I completely agree - it's better than the regular season!

Anonymous said...

We went on weds nite, of last week. Little chilly but it was a great game! You are right, much better than during the regular season!! We are Twins fans.

rainy5982 said...

We're off to see hubby's beloved Cubbies play ummm the Rockies I think next month. I just have to find someone to watch the baby. I haven't been to a baseball game in ages. Should be fun. This will be my first spring training game. I'm kind of looking forward to it.


MamaD4 said...

Minnesota is Heaven says: Yay Twins!!

It does sound nice to go to a smaller game, and outside. The Twins usually play indoors in the Metrodome and yeah, I think it takes away from the game. The have been pushing for a new stadium for ages--since I'm not actually IN Minnesota, I don't know if it's going to happen or not.

shawn said...

If you like spring training, check our your nearest Minor league team. Same atmosphere, and the fun lasts all season long.

Anonymous said...

Minor league games are somewhat similar and a good opportunity to watch some really good games. The players are trying their hardest to make it to the big leagues so I think they put a little extra effort in. The only frustrating thing is that it is hard to follow a team because the roster is changing constantly as players are called up to the majors. But at the rate players are traded in the majors, it's not much different

Marcie said...

You probably wouldn't see Madonna at a regular season game anyway. She's not dating A-Roid anymore. She's dating that model named Jesus now. Pretty ironic huh?

kerry said...

Yay Twins!!! Glad you enjoyed the game. Preseason definitely sounds like more fun than the main season.

Thank you for your vacation pictures!

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