Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sick Kitty

Here's the sick girl. Husband made her a drool-proof bed out of some old ratty towels on top of our coffee table. Presumably this location was so she could watch TV? In any case, the drool situation is resolving nicely and Kitty has eaten well today. Love his sneakers in the background there.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. Poor Canela! She's adorable even when she's sick.

The vet comment hits close to home. Our vet puts her head on our cat for a few seconds/minutes to get a "reading." Though laughable, it appears to be an effective diagnostic technique as he's now in good health after falling very ill last spring.

Here's to a speedy recovery. Give Canela a Greenie for me when she's feeling better.

- Anonymous Kitty Lover

sadianne said...

Poor kitty, glad to hear she is getting better.

Missicat said...

awwww, poor kitty. Glad she's better, though she does have that patented "I am a sick kitty give me hugs and love" look on her face!

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