Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Horror! (Not Safe for Work)

This was so not ok. I just wanted to watch a movie in the hotel room. I wanted the thrill of watching a movie on a TV that was not yet out on DVD. So scrolling through the available options like Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon I come across THIS. Really. This looks like some kind of a bad joke, but I assure you, this was indeed real. Someone out there is actually into this. I'm not denying old people their sexuality, I'm just saying it kind of really freaks me out a little that it's being fetishized. The best parts of this are the hunch, the orthopedic shoes and of course, the cane. The cane is really what makes this hot. Also that plastic grocery bag. Really sexy. Needless to say, I ordered Frost/Nixon.


JoeinVegas said...

Oh, I was hoping for a review.

Dayna said...

since it was quick that would make it a short film, you should have watched it.
Joe is right. You could have given us a review and told us WHY NOT TO WATCH IT. (JK)

Eric said...

Remember on that Calista Flockhart show where that guy that said "By Gones" all the time was hot for old lady wattle?

Maria said...

How did you like Frost/Nixon?

Slumdog Millionaire was amazing, by the way.

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