Thursday, March 05, 2009

Holy Lord That is a Huge Diamond

On Sunday we went to see the Twins play the Red Sox. This game wasn't as good as Friday's because there wasn't a lot of scoring or suspense and it was freezing outside. Also the Twins lost. We also sat next to some drunk guy from Boston who would not shut up and was bothering everyone around him, including us. We got to sit with all the players' families, including their wives and let me tell you - this was an interesting experience. Baseball salaries are clearly recession proof. Get a load of this girl's ring. I had to take one of those stealth cell phone photos of it. It was just that big and outrageous. And she was clearly holding it up, right? I mean, who sits like that? I have no idea whose wife she was, but I'm guessing somebody serious with rocks like that. And she was all of about 23. I haven't seen diamonds that huge on a girl that young and skinny since my old job. It really brought back memories for me. Husband's theory is that she was a stripper who made it big.


Anonymous said...

Geez - that rock is ginormous. I wish you could have figured-out which player she was with...

xtine said...

Ugh...that's hideous.

check out forget how I found it, but while looking for engagement rings, I did. And now mine's posted on there, but it's not one of the ship-sinkers that people want only for the size.

Diamonds are like dicks: size is worthless as a stand-alone criterion.

electricdaisy said...

Your cell phone takes very high-quality pictures, WL!

Michelle said...

I am a huge Twins fan!! So sad they lost :*(

Fancy Schmancy said...

Surely that cannot be real! How does she even lift her skinny arm up with that thing on?

Anonymous said...

Who wears a rock like that to a BASEBALL GAME?!!

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