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What Happened to My Sister - Part 9????? Seriously??

I can't even believe I'm writing this, but at this point I think I could believe anything.

Apparently, there have been recent developments in the whole Brad saga. If you are new, here is a link to the first part of the long story. The rest of the story is in the October archives. For those of you who remember - well, Brad's at it again.

I am clearly a moron because when I wrote about Brad I tried to write with sympathy. I guess somewhere along the way, maybe Brad had conned me too. He'd conned me into thinking he was just some pathetic guy with some mental problems who'd fallen in love and wanted to impress a girl. WRONG. I shouldn't have given Brad the benefit of the doubt of that one. I thought maybe the incident with my sister was a first time thing with him, but alas, it appears to be part of a much larger, much scarier problem. Brad is a sociopath with no conscience who has a pattern of preying upon women and he needs to be stopped.

My sister has been in contact with one of Brad's latest marks, a girl name Elise who lives a couple towns over from Brad in Rhode Island. Yeah, Brad lives in Warwick, Rhode Island, so if any of you single female readers live there be really careful who you date. This guy is very dangerous.

Elise had been dating Brad for a couple of months. Like my sister, she said she was a bartender and a single mom who was going through a divorce from a well off husband. She also came from a wealthy family and she was probably feeling a little vulnerable when Brad showed up to sweep her off her feet. He told her that he lived down here in South Florida! He said he worked for the city and that his cousin owned a restaurant and he tended bar there for fun. He also had all sorts of investments and was a big shot and at one point he told her he owned a tiki bar on the beach and sent her pictures of it, but the picture turned out to be a picture my sister had taken of him in Mexico on the trip she ended up paying for. He made up all sorts of names of friends and on several occasions told Elise this story about babysitting for a friend's child to help her out because the friend was a single mom too.

So Brad would pretend like he was coming up to Rhode Island to visit Elise, but in reality he was just taking a taxi or getting a ride from a couple towns over, because he wasn't even supposed to be driving because he has no license due to his DUIs. Nice. He would call Elise and tell her he was in Florida, when really he was less than twenty miles away and she believed it. When he was "in town from Florida" he stayed at Elise's place and drove her car and everything. She even gave him her keys. After Elise read my account of the story on here, when my sister gave her the link, Elise called my sister in horror.

"He shit all over my couch!!" she said.

I guess Brad has some kind of strange disturbed habit of shitting on his prey's property? I can't even begin to analyze that one. There are levels of psychosis that my brain can't even comprehend.

While Brad visited Elise, he would take her to all sorts of great places to eat. The thing was, he wasn't paying. He was either using stolen credit cards or just plain skipping out on the bills. Elise found this out when she went alone to a restaurant they had visited. She was turned away because the credit card Brad used to pay for their dinner was stolen and their meal charged back to the restaurant, flagged as stolen. Elise was horrified, but she already had a weird gut feeling about Brad and started checking into things.

One thing that hadn't sat well with Elise was that Brad kept trying to get personal information about her. One night he offered to set up online banking and direct deposit for her and asked her for all of her information. Luckily she didn't give it to him.

One night Elise says that Brad called her by another woman's name and she blew up. According to Elise, she confronted and questioned Brad about everything he claimed. He got violent with her and pushed her at which point she kicked him out and ended things. Then a few days later she felt bad and told him they could still be friends if he ever came to town.

Around this time is when she and my sister started talking and comparing stories. My sister confirmed all of Elise's suspicions, which really scared Elise because Brad still had her keys and wouldn't return them. My sister urged Elise to call Brad's mother and gave her the number.

Elise told Brad's mother that she had talked to my sister and when she explained to Brad's mom that Brad had been lying to her, Brad's mother burst into tears. She promised Elise that she would get the keys and send them.

The keys never showed up. Now why in the hell Elise didn't just change her locks I don't know. Elise, sweetie, if you're reading this, CHANGE YOUR LOCKS. I did. My sister even moved so this guy couldn't find her. He is that scary, ok?

Elise called back and Brad's mom was very short with her.

Then, Elise went to more and more local restaurants that had flagged her for skipping out. She called Brad's mother again and said that Brad had to go pay these tabs because he had ruined her reputation and humiliated her. In one restaurant an employee knew of Brad and told Elise more information about him. The employee knew a girl who had also gotten sucked in by Brad's stories and cons. He had been abusive and manipulative and had gotten the girl pregnant. We assumed she hadn't kept the baby.

For some reason Elise had a weird suspicion that Brad had a kid so she asked his mother who confirmed it. Brad has a three year old son. We don't know if this is the same child. It could be that the other girl had an abortion and this is a different girl, or it could be the same girl. No one knows.

This means that Brad had a 1 1/2 to 2 year old baby when he was working on my sister. This fucker reproduced. I feel infinitely sorry for this child.

We don't know what Brad is doing, but his mother promised Elise that she would send her a check to cover all the restaurant tabs. As of the last time my sister talked to her, Elise hadn't received a cent. You may recall that Brad's parents, who get the enabler award of the century, paid off my sister. I wonder how many times they've done it before and how many more times they'll bail him out of trouble. It makes me ill and I don't understand how Brad doesn't have warrants out for his arrest. Maybe he does. I hope he ends up in jail where he belongs. Elise, by the way, believes that he strings along several women at once.

Someone needs to call Dateline. I'm not kidding.


Decorina said...

These guys never change, except to change their location for a new pool of suckers. Elise seriously needs to change her locks - if she doesn't she will regret it. And that check from his mother - never going to happen.

You shouldn't be surprised that Brad is still conning women. It works for him - he will never stop until he is in prison or dead.

MtnMama said...

wow. I have not had stellar success in the relationship department, but no one I've slept with or lived with (or married - once) is awful enough that I would need to cross the street to avoid him... although I do just to save my dignity. Your sister and these other women have all my heartfelt sympathy. We do crazy stupid things for the sake of wanting someone to love us.
Someone needs to drop a dime on ol' Brad.

Anonymous said...

Dang, that is one scary guy. I hope Elise changes the locks on her doors and doesn't just stick her head in the sand.

Diary of Why said...

How did this girl know about your sister? Luckily she caught on to him before too long. Eek!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Definitely change the locks. On the car, too.

Nasty. I'm sorry another girl's gotten sucked in. Hopefully the damage is minimal.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of websites... google "don't date this guy" and you will find them.

His real name, pictures and full-detailed story should be in ALL of them, that way when girls search for info on him they will find out, hopefully early enough.

I'm sorry your sister is still hearing about this guy. She should be healing and letting go instead of re-living everything through Elisa.

Michelle said...

What an asshole this guy is.
I hope one day he rots for his crimes.

booda baby said...

I love that you do PSAs.

Holly said...

so i was completely fascinated by the shitting on things inappropriately so i googled and found this... it's only a start. im looking for more info. lol

Anonymous said...

When I first started dating after my divorce, I had a 2 month relationship with a guy named "Bill". There were plenty of red flags, and I finally ended it due to finding out he was already married.

A couple of years ago I googled him and found out he had returned to Palm Bay FL (from CA), had set fires and killed 2 women, then shot himself.

I think I dodged a major bullet. Literally.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sinclair- post this guy's picture and warning all over the web.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dateline for sure. If they pass, Cheaters can get a whole seasons out of tailing Brad.

Heather said...

Has someone filed a police report yet? Please tell me yes....

Laurel said...

You should definitely call Dateline or America's Most Wanted.

Anonymous said...


I don't know my openID so Im posting anon, sorry

Katie said...

Why doesn't she call the police?

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