Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rocco's Women - What Became of Them

Someone asked me in the comments section what happened to all of Rocco's women once he died and I thought it would be interesting to answer that question.

Rocco's ex-wife Aurora finished school and moved to another city for her post-doctorate studies. When she finished, she moved back to South Florida and I hope she's practicing medicine. I don't know. Maybe she's courting another rich husband and maybe she's really supporting herself. Knowing Aurora, I speculate she's doing both. I hope she got help for her eating disorder, but I really don't know.

Joan moved away and no one ever heard from her again.

Anya has probably starved to death. A few years ago I saw her out a few times, each time with different men and she always acted like she didn't see me. I honestly don't know how someone could survive very long on her diet consisting of only tiny amounts of fruit. Even five years ago her health clearly suffered from it.

Mia, Rocco's 24 year old widow, is single and has moved back to South Florida. She had no ties here. She was from Texas, and her move has spawned several theories. Why would she come here? Lord knows there are plenty of rich old men who love whores in Dallas. She seemed to really like Los Angeles, the gold digging capital of the world. Mia would have been a hit in Las Vegas as well, so why South Florida? Some say Mia is putting the moves on Rocco's good friend and sometime business partner Juan Diamonte, who is married and has young children. Juan Diamonte is a porn king, convicted drug dealer and money launderer with numerous legal problems. He'd be a poor choice for sugar daddy, but Mia fell for Rocco, so obviously she'll fall for anything, which is a shame because she's a very pretty girl. She could do better than Juan's lazy eye and gouty ankles. I hope this rumor isn't true for the sake of Juan's wife and children.

My bet is that Mia has once again joined the work force. Scout out a few websites for local escorts and I'm sure you'll see her smiling coyly in a thong bikini with her long, black hair falling down her back. For five grand she'll fly to meet you anywhere. One of you, dear readers, if you could afford her, could her be her newest benefactor. But watch out, she's expensive.

But what about Jade? Jade surprisingly made out the best of all of Rocco's exes. Jade, who started out an innocent, single mom who just wanted a steady office job, a family and enough money to pay her rent, became the biggest gold digger of them all.

Because of that, she gets her own post.


Christi Lee said...

OoOOOH! I want to know about Jade.

KT said...

Oohhhh, suspense! Can't wait to hear Jade's story!

Joy said...

This should be good, looking forward to the story!

Jean_Phoenix said...

This one has to be great - can't wait!

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