Monday, January 05, 2009

Man O War and Coconut - A Still Life


catherine said...

is that ever freaky looking! not at all what I thought they looked like.

sallyacious said...

They're a beautiful color.

Not tellin' you my name ... said...

First thought? The man o' war looked like an ... adult toy.

Possibly aptly named "Man o' War" ...

Love the blog.

Not tellin' you my name ... said...

And to add to my last comment ... my ex found a man o' war on the beach when he was 13. And thought it was just a jumbled up plastic bag. Until he swung it above his head ... and then it attached to his back.


amy said...

Hard to believe that blob of jelly is a life form.

Annie said...

better to have washed up man o' wars than a red tide..

sqd said...

you might enjoy this:

man o wars are fascinating colonies.

Miss Kitty said...

That is the weirdest picture I've seen in a while. And it's funny how they're about the same size, too.

BTW: Your kitteh is ready to come to Florida to live with you. :-) She got spayed and her rabies shot 2 weeks ago. Seriously, the little part-Siamese kitteh is yours for the asking.

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