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Jade's Story - Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire

I haven't seen many girls as devastated as Jade after Rocco dumped her. She had to move herself and her daughter out of his big house and with nowhere else to go, she moved in to her adopted mom's townhouse. Jade quickly suffered a major downgrade in her lifestyle. It was like for a brief moment in her life, for once she'd finally gotten a break, like the Universe had given her a little tease and shown her what life was like on the other side. For a couple months Jade had known what it was like to be rich. And she liked it.

Jade got used to her new lifestyle quickly. She liked being blonde and kept. She liked that her Louis Vuitton purses were real and not some knockoffs from the flea market. Best of all she liked not having to work. But once Rocco got bored with her, she was right back where she started and it was very unfair.

She tried to make amends with her biological father. He was rich, but he didn't share with her and couldn't bond with her as a father should bond with his daughter. How could he? He never knew he had a daughter until one day a woman in her 20s showed up with a kid and made him late for his nightly visit to the Bubblegum Kittikat.

Jade started hanging around her dad's office more although they still weren't getting along that well. Her father's clients were some of the richest men in South Florida. I can't get into too many details but her father owns a business, completely legit, that provides certain very high end toys that rich men adore and are willing to spend unholy amounts of cash upon.

It was only a matter of time before one of her father's clients took a liking to the new South Florida version of Jade.

Sal was the sixty year old son of a ninety year old multi-billionaire. In sixty years Sal had never worked. He had raised his kids and had been divorced for a long time already so he spent most of his time boating, collecting expensive cars and motorcycles and buying and selling opulent mansions. He was bored and lonely and already had everything anyone could possibly ever come up with to want.

Jade began keeping him company. They got to be good friends and within a couple weeks he said he wanted to marry her. He bought her a nine carat, emerald cut diamond. It looked like an ice cube.

Jade got engaged right after I did. Well, engaged didn't seem like the right word for it. They'd known each other for a couple of weeks and then Sal took her to the jewelry store and bought her a ring. It wasn't exactly your traditional proposal. It seemed very unceremonial, and quite sudden to me. Afterwards they invited my family out for Mexican food so we could see her ring.

"Let me see your ring," Jade said after she'd blinded me with hers.

"You aren't going to like it," I said, "It's not big enough for you."

"Yeah, but at least someone you love gave you yours," she whispered.

I will never forget that.

A few weeks later Jade and Sal had bought a new, enormous waterfront mansion and had the most exlcusive (and biggest rip-off) decorating firm in town deck it out. Then they had a party and invited everyone over to see it. I have to admit that the house was absolutely, stunningly magnificent.

From then on Jade did nothing but shop. She had unlimited funds to buy whatever she wanted and she went wild. Sal bought her a Bentley and a Mercedes 550. She gave the girls at the Louis Vuitton store her number so that whenever they got in a new, limited edition bag they'd call her and she'd come and get it. Jade even decided to get a kinkajou because she heard that Paris Hilton had one. She added this to her menagerie of costly, tea cup puppies.

I went to Jade and Sal's wedding the following year. It was decadent, held in an exclusive country club. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her custom made gown, dripping in diamonds and I've never seen so many pink roses in my entire life. They even had their own fireworks display on the golf course, which was bigger and more involved that my town's annual Fourth of July event.

I didn't have a good time though. Jade's wedding pissed me off. It was a mockery of marriage. She laughed hysterically during their vows and then acted like she didn't want to kiss him. Her dad didn't even go. Sal's kids looked surly the whole time and there just wasn't any love there. The couple barely danced or even sat together during dinner. Jade was off laughing with some of her girlfriends most of the night while Sal sat and drank.

That was the last time I saw her. She gradually cut off contact with everyone she'd ever known before Sal.

I saw a mutual friend over the summer. I asked him if he'd heard from Jade.

"I saw her over the Spring," he said.

"What's she doing these days?" I asked.

"Oh you know. Being rich."

She may be rich but I don't think she'll ever be happy. I remember hearing somewhere that if you marry for money you earn every penny.


Jeannie said...

I can't imagine a life more pitiful than trying to have everything and not deserve any of it.

Wide Lawns said...

Well said. I totally agree with you.

Nora said...

I know it's pointless to be sad for her, but I am.

Jennifer said...

Wow. That ring comment alone. Wow.

Ambitious Blonde said...

I hope she figures out how to be happy someday.

sallyacious said...

That poor woman. She'll never be able to buy enough to fill the hole in her life. Money doesn't kill the pain, it only dulls it a little.

And I pity him hugely, too. No one deserves to be married to someone who doesn't value them beyond their bank account.

Christi Lee said...

@ Sally

"No one deserves to be married to someone who doesn't value them beyond their bank account."

I'll have to disagree with you there. I am not saying it's a wonderful thing to marry for money, but these old rich dudes marry for looks and age. It's a trade off if you ask me. I could never do that, though.

Most of these guys would turn away true love for looks any day.

catherine said...

What a sad story, but you know, sometimes I wish I was in that position. All the money in the world, to do what ever I wanted to do.
People who say money doesn't buy happiness have never been truly poor. DH is still off from the accident 3 years ago, and I haven't been able to find work since november. I borrow money to pay off the credit card so I can get a balance, and then pay the hydro bill with the credit card. I am so sick of this robbing peter to pay paul crap. I just want to never have to worry about money again.

Dayna said...

I don't know who to feel more sorry for Rocco or his women. It is all just a sad life.

For the girls, it may have turned into the vacation from hell, but at least they got suveniors.

Wide Lawns said...

Christi is right. It's like a big business transaction. I still think the girls don't deserve it though.

Christi Lee said...


I am super sorry you are going through all of that. I know how it is. We are doing our damnedest to save up for a house (condo, town house)with not a lot of luck. One of us HAS to start making at least 10-20 grand more a year just to live in in if we buy it. It would be nice not to have to worry about money. Could we give up our SO for an old bag with money? I don't think so.

I don't condone the whole gold digger thing, but at least these girls still have to work for it. Most of these men never had to work a day in their lives. It's just like having a new pet. Sad.

Decorina said...

Gah, the whole thing is sad. But the foundation for it - that you are only worth what your bank account really accounts for the superficial and bankrupt society that we have become.

Catherine, keep saving and wait a few years. I believe we will see a BIG change in housing values here in the US and you will be able to afford a home. Not a McMansion, not a home with granite countertops necessarily, but a nice home that is affordable and will be a real "home".

MonkeyPants said...

Ouch. That poor girl had a hell of a nasty learning curve. How awful for her.

catherine said...

Christi Lee
Thanks for the sympathy :)
I shouldn't be dumping my problems on WLs blog,(sorry WL) but it just seems so unfair that people like that end up raking it in when people like you and me, who try so hard, can never seem to get ahead. And I couldn't give up my DH for anything. He has even offered to pimp himself out for extra cash, and can't understand why he has no takers. lol. He looks like Larry the cable guy.

catherine said...

I think your comment is for Christi Lee :D
I already own a house, It's a matter of whether or not we can keep it. Because of the accident, we had to refinance, but at a higher rate because of the loss of DHs income. I just did some calculations, and in three years we have paid almost $45000 in mortgage payments, but only $5000 of that went toward the principal.The rest was ALL interest. I say sell,and buy something cheaper, but DH loves this place and wants to keep it.

Decorina said...

You are right, I got lost in the comments...and I'm there with your assessment of payments. We have paid down our VA 100% mortgage for 3 years and have zero equity because of the fall in housing prices. It totally sucks; but there will be a change one way or the other.

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