Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today my husband said it feels like the opposite of September 11th. I kind of like that.

(I'll write more later if I can.)


Rich said...

I wish Obama well. I think everybody just needs to relax a little bit. The hysteria is off the charts.

BoB said...

My wife and I were discussing this feeling. I'm stoked. I'm anxious. I'm sad and missing my mom.

I'd like to say I preferred the anger at the last two inaugurations, but in retrospect those were accompanied by a sinking, sick feeling.

I'll take a little sadness and try to learn to not be so cynical.

Emily said...

My coworkers and I watched huddled around someone's computer in a tiny office because we didn't have the bandwidth for everyone to watch.

Someone commented they were huddled around a tiny TV in the same way on September 11.

sallyacious said...

I cried and cried and cried this morning. From hope and a lifting of burdens and feeling like I'm not under seige.

I know it's going to be hard. I know things are not going to get better this minute, and I appreciate that he acknowledged that in his speech. I have also been really impressed by the civility he's shown to everyone. How nice to have a leader who behaves like a grownup

drawer queen said...

It is a beautiful day. (and it's 27 and snowing where I am).

Daddy Geek Boy said...

That's an awesome way to put it.

After all of the emotional turmoil and conflict that last year brought, it feels really good to be unified and excited about something.

Breny said...

Your husband said it perfectly. I watched history today and it was a happy event, not a tragedy.

HOPE. It's a good thing.

Kore said...

We're not unified. Many of us did NOT vote for Barak Obama and his inauguration was depressing and inescapable, as it was being shown everywhere. Even during my biology class.

I was running for my life on 9/11. I can't imagine what the opposite of that would be. The comparison makes me a little sick, to tell you the truth.

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