Friday, December 19, 2008
I'm enjoying a day of nothing at Bella's house with her lunatic cat who just dragged a paper bag all the way through the house stopping with it in every room. The weather is just awful - freezing and pouring. I went out shopping earlier and stopped at Panera for lunch. Oh dear me.

I specifically told the girl at the register that I could not have wheat and to let me know if I ordered anything with wheat in it. I got a salad and a cup of vegetable soup.

"There are no wheat products in the soup, right?" I asked.

"No, but you might want to get a different salad because the one you got has nuts."

"What kind?"

"Plain pecans."

"Plain nuts don't have wheat in them," I said.

"Oh, I thought they did."

I should have known right there.

"I know the salad is ok, but I'm concerned about the soup."

"There is no wheat in the soup."

Soup comes. I take a bite and guess what? Soup is filled with little round pastas. The soup is a veritable wheat stew. I spit it out, take it back up to the counter and a small melee ensues. They get out a big book. Finally it is agreed upon that I can have tomato soup. Then they give it to me with no spoon.


Something similar happened to me last night at the Dead Lobster. I told the server and she was all like:

"Well you are totally fine. We don't have any wheat on the menu."

"What?" I said.

Obviously this is deeply false. I guess she was picturing like stalks and sheaths of wheat.

"Bread is wheat. Breaded fried stuff is wheat. Flour is wheat," I explained.

"For real?" said the server.

"For real."

Are people really this ignorant and disconnected from the things they eat that people seriously don't know that pasta and bread and flour are made out of wheat? Is this possible? Can people honestly be that stupid? I have a hard time believing that, but then again...

In other news I've been captivated by three new blog discoveries that I'd like to share with you here.

Living in Muddy Waters is a preacher's wife. Normally this wouldn't be exceptionally exciting to me, but there was just something about her blog that miraculously held my attention and that's so rare. I want to be her friend after hearing about all the crap she has to put up with.

Because Emily Says So is funny, sweet and sort of not sweet and talks about bacon and cats a lot. She lives in Minneapolis which makes me so happy because if I ever have to move there I will have two funny bloggers to force to be my friends. Emily and Whiskey Marie. I should fix them up. There's little to no chance that I'll ever have to move there though.

Modern Philodoxos is a very pretty, very witty exotic dancer who also miraculously really held my attention. Again, that's saying a lot.

I found all of these bloggers because they left comments, so if you'd like me to read your blog too, leave me a comment so I know you exist. I'm friendly like that. I like interaction. Sometimes I don't have time to read everyone all the time, but I really do make an effort to read the blogs of as many commenters as I can and many of them have become long time favorites of mine.

So enjoy and send these ladies some love from me.


JDogg said...

You might have cold rain, but we have about 8" of snow here just north of NYC.

Our ribs, chili and pork are gluten free!

Emily said...

Aww, thanks for the mention. :)

And not knowing what's made of wheat? That's scary. I get people not knowing what gluten is, but WHEAT?

CC said...

It's been around 60*F this last week in my part of the country. Don't get jealous, though, we have summers that average on 105*F daily, so I guess it's all a trade-off.

kerry said...

I can understand people not knowing why wheat might be a problem, but not knowing that pasta is wheat? Or bread? That's a little scary. Food comes *from* somewhere, ya know?

People who work in food service really ought to have something of a clue- they'll have many people come through with food needs, and should be able to handle the questions.

Sad. It really shouldn't be that difficult.

Chiada said...

So are you back in the country again? ;)

People are such 'tards. Honestly, what has happened to the human gene pool?

I love it when people say they they are English critics or when they say they hate it when other people have bad grammar. And then they go and use "to" instead of "too" or something like that.

Almost American said...

Yes, you should have known when she warned you about the nuts! Then again, to me Panera is all about the bread - the name says it all - I'm amazed you found anything at all there that was wheat-free!

Off to check out those three bloggers . . .

Kali said...

Yes, people are phenomenally ignorant about where their food comes from. We are very divorced from the land that feeds us, as you have seen. Sad, but true.

My blog is full of vitriol, and you may not enjoy it, but if you're bored, pop by and see me. I'd love to think you were there.

electricdaisy said...

I'm trying to cut down on gluten (as a college student, it's hard!) and when I told my boyfriend this, he always asks me "does this have glutens [sic] in it?" I find it frankly rather cute. People in food service, however, should have some sort of idea!
I am in food service and I had a customer the other day that told the hostess, busser, and a random passing waiter that she was a Celiac...and of course, that was the first thing out of her mouth before I could even introduce myself. Luckily I was able to take her hand (not literally, she was kind of scary) and guide her.

Michelle said...

Sounds like that cat could be taught to fetch.

MamaD4 said...

I'm not actually IN Minnesota, but I'm from Minnesota and I'm heading back there just as soon as my husband gets this military career-thingy out of the way. So then you can know three people in the great Twin Cities Metro area (since we plan on settling in St. Paul).

You should try the Tater Tot Hotdish. Go on, try it!

the Bag Lady said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that some people don't have a clue where their food comes from. Or the process it goes through to get to their table.
I'm a rancher (of course, you know this because you read my blog faithfully - right? Wha.. you don't?! Sheesh.....), and it amazes me at times how ignorant some people are of the basics of life. I find it truly sad that "city folk" are so removed from reality. Civilization is going to be the downfall of civilization.

Erica said...

I work in the school of agriculture at a major land grant university and I cannot count the times I've had a conversation starting with, "You know, there should be a mandatory class, starting in Kindergarten, that teaches us how food gets on our tables."

Did you know that bacon and ham are pork? No way!!

Unfortunately, we're more likely to get yelled at by parents who'd rather keep their little darlings ignorant than *gasp* have to tell them where their animal products come from. Even dairy.

neuroticsnowman said...

My sister goes through that ALL the time she is gluten intolerant too and she's worked in the reasturant industry so she knows exactly how stupid some people are.

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Urp! Thanks for the mention. I was off celebrating an early Christmas with my parents and couldn't figure out where all the new visitors to my site were coming from! I was a little scared for a minute. Glad my neurotic leanings speak to you.

Jean said...

When my niece was little, she was watching an episode of Sesame Street when they showed where milk came from. As they milked the cows, my niece went all wide eyed. She turned to my sister and said in a high squeeky voice -- Mommy? We get our milk from the Shop-n-Save don't we? Don't WE???

Anonymous said...

Living in Muddy Waters is one of my olderst and greatest friends and you have awesome and amazing taste to see what a fantabulous person she is! Kudos to you!

I never comment on blogs but have been reading yours for a bit and it cracks me the hell up!

I am aggravated by people who don't seem to understand that food doesn't come from a BOX.

Student/Teacher said...

This may not be the appropriate place for this but I saw something today on the tee vee that made me think of you. It's a show on the RFD channel called Miss Lucy's Cajun Cooking and today she made something so nasty I can't even begin to describe it, but I'll try.

It started with a can of fruit cocktail. Then, a banana was cut up into it. Then, she broke some eggs (or "opened" them as she said), added lemon juice, dry mustard, salt, and sugar, and heated these eggs until she said they were "cooked" but they were actually just hot. She then poured this egg mixture over the fruit mixture, added some mini marshmallows and whipped topping and called it a "salad." Nasty-assed indeed.

Here's her website: Sadly, that particular recipe is not there but there are some doozies. Check her out of you get the chance.

Green said...

People think pasta is just... there. Maybe it has eggs? And starch somehow. And bread is made from flour. Flour is not made from anything, it's just there. Wheat is what Ren and his friends chew on while they talk about the good ole days when it was legal to dance.

So yeah, average people don't know. Most people buy packaged food. You know how you're supposed to shop from the outside aisles at the supermarket? If the majority of people did this, there'd be bigger fruit & veggie selections and fewer aisles of insta-dinners.

Sorry your stomach has to worry about being attacked because of stupid people.

That Girl said...

Welcome to the Philly suburbs, heh. If you're in Delaware County I feel for ya. There are some definite hick joints out there. You wouldn't think so, being so close to the city and all, but there are. Also (and this is especially true at places like Red Lobster) it's the area where the dumbasses who can't get hired in the city apply. Then they DO get hired, because everyone with half a brain in their skull wants to work in Philly to make more money.

L said...

Oh dear... I can't have gluten either so I completely feel for you.

What always surprises me is the complete lack of caring about food allergies. What if you had an anaphylatic reaction? They don't know that you won't.

Food service people are idiots. And I work in food service so I know first hand how much they don't care. It's absolutely astounding.

Modern Philodoxos said...

When I was a waitress, I'd always ask the chef. I mean, someone's not going to tip me if they're convulsing at my table!

Thank you so much for the mention! No one reads my blog except my friends so it makes me happy. I will give you a link along with some others I read obsessively!

Actually, I meant to comment on your story about your sister a while ago. A nearly identical thing happened to my best friend, although the guy ended up actually being really successful at his scamming (not just women). He became the vice president of securities at Macafee and now is going to prison for fraud and theft and a bunch of other things and it ended up making national news. She never could understand why he only made an effort to see her when it meant being around her millionaire lawyer uncle who ended up being one of the investors he stole from.... people are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love Me!!

Just Kidding.
I'm just honestly surprised that people are that... unknowing about what has wheat in it. I mean...


My mind, this is it boggling.

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