Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Peppermint and Licorice

A lot of people have been asking where to get the enteric peppermint and the DGL licorice. I don't think you can get it at the regular drug store, but I know they have it at Whole Foods and places like that. I got mine at a local supplement store that we have here called Life Extension. I don't know if they have stores at other places, but I'm sure any healthy grocery store type of place like Whole Foods carries them. Both can also be ordered online from a variety of sources. I checked.


Anonymous said...

I think that Vitamin Cottage here in Denver has it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pointers. I'm trying to get my dad to try it.

JDogg said...

No wonder why you always had a pocket full of peppermint candy in middle school.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this site? It made me think of your last post, it is for people w/ Celiac disease.

Quinn said...

I feel like I just met a celebrity, haha. Thanks for the comment! =]

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