Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dad on Dancing With the Stars

My dad flew out to LA this morning to do some work and he got a surprise. He was invited to see Dancing With the Stars. He'll be on in a few minutes and hopefully they'll show him so you can all see him. He'll be with Brooke's husband.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Poop, I missed it! Did you see him? Did you take a picture of the t.v. so we could see it?

Wide Lawns said...

Yes! I saw him! It was really funny. At one point the host was standing right in front of him and you could see him trying to peek out around him and then you see him waving. We were cracking up. I TiVoed it, so I'll to take a picture of the screen.

Anonymous said...

He took lots of great pictures with Brooke and her husband David and a few others. As soon as he gets home we can put them together and you can post them for everyone to see.

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