Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Must See This

You seriously have to see this post. I am dying from the sad cuteness of it. Dying, people. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Look at it and tell me you don't agree.

A leetle frozen bunneh tryin to get warms.

It's all about that fur swirling against the glass.


Jess said...

Adorable. I wonder if they let him in

SoozieQ said...

I wish he wouldn't have kicked the bunny back out into the snow :( It wasn't hurting anyone huddled against the window!!!

Ferda said...

the poor little guy was was too frightened it hopped away

Hilary said...

Aww that is so cute.. I see what you mean about th swirl when you click to enlarge the photo. That little cutie would be in my house by now.. dealing with cats instead of cold.

kerry said...

Poor bunneh! I hope he found someplace to stay warm.

TK said...

I would have at least given it a warm carrot for the road.. :(

My word verification was "bilablag".. is blogger charging by the comment now??? ;)

Diana said...

Poor thing... now why on earth would he have thrown the bunny away like that? Why not just let it stay? I'm sure the bunneh was fine, but still, it makes me sad. :(

Dayna said...

I can't believe he was thrown out in the snow. I would have made him a warm bed, fed him carrots and bought an electric heater to put near the glass to keep the glass warm for him

catherine said...

AWWWWW poor bunny,
There is a black dwarf bunny running around in my neighbourhood that I have spent the last two weeks trying to catch. He looks like someones pet got away, or they kicked him out. I'm afraid he is going to get hit by a car, but the little rascal is too frigging fast for me.

Marcie said...

Why did they have to toss it back out into the snow? It wasn't hurting anything! I would have brought it inside to keep warm. Bunnies have feelings too.

Wide Lawns said...

I don't think they really tossed it in the snow. I think they were kidding. I hope. If it had been me, that bunny would have been in the house in a warm box.

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else, poor little thing. What harm was it doing?


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