Monday, October 13, 2008

What Happened to My Sister - Part 6

Well the shit didn't go down just yet. As soon as I got to my aunt and uncle's house I was a nervous wreck. As if my grandfather's funeral wasn't enough, now I had to deal with this and Iknew it was Brad. I knew it. That also made me fear he had somehow gotten into my account. I called Husband and told him and he agreed that it was, indeed Brad. We checked out accounts. Everything was fine. Right then and there Husband started securing our belongings and our house.

Then I started putting things together. A couple months earlier, during the winter, my jewelry box had been stolen right off my dresser. It was a tiny, round box and I didn't notice it was gone right off. One day I went to get my necklace out of it and then it was gone. There wasn't much in it, but what was in it was important to me. There was a pair of diamond earrings that I cherished. They were 1 carat each and my parents gave them to me. They were beautiful. There was also a pearl bracelet with a jade bead that I had bought for myself. It was tiny and probably not worth a lot, but I thought it was beautiful. Then there was my wedding necklace which a thief would think was a score. Husband gave me this beautiful necklace, sending it up with a friend while I was getting ready for our ceremony, so that I could wear it with my dress. This necklace was so beautiful that I have no words. The thing is, it looks like diamonds, big diamonds, but it's actually swarovski crystals which I like better because they are more sparkly and I would have killed Husband had he wasted money on real diamonds that big. Most people though, assumed the necklace was diamond and I wore it all the time, yes, around Brad.

Sister had the key to my apartment. Brad could have slipped it off her key ring without her noticing, then taken her car to my apartment when he knew we were at work and lifted the little box right off my dresser. It was the perfect crime. Not even noticable.

So Husband took all sorts of security measures that I won't go into on here, and then told my parents who also agreed that Brad had stolen Sister's money. They said that Brad was under no circumstances allowed into Casa Dei Sogni and that was that. He wasn't trustworthy.

Meanwhile, Brad was acting the hero during Sister's time of crisis. He promised her money - it just had to go through the book keeper and be wired down and there were some glitches at the bank but it was coming. They were still getting a house. He would pay for her summer tuition so she didn't need to drop out of school. She had nothing at all to worry about and if caught the SOB who took her money....

Brad thought it was her manager at work. He was a Muslim. Part of a terrorist cell probably. Meanwhile this guy was one of my favorite people ever. He was so kind and so honorable that he would never do something so horrible. It disgusted me that Brad would make a racist, ignorant accusation against such a good person. Then Brad blamed the Haitians in the kitchen. Then he said he heard there was a black guy that had been suspected of ID theft at the restaurant across the street. He was always blaming and his blame was always directed at people of other races. What a pig.

Next Brad blamed Sister's friends and had her so paranoid that she didn't know who to trust.

Of course I came right out and tried to politely tell her I thought it was him. At first she didn't want to hear about it. There were detectives working on the case. It was grand theft and ID theft and credit card fraud, so it was a big deal. They traced the ATM withdrawals to a machine at her work, one down the street from her apartment and a couple at Walgreens and Publix. Then they said someone had used her password and gotten into her online banking to transfer money from checking to savings.

At the same time Brad decided that he was opening a branch of the wood business up down here. The other owner of the company was giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started down here so that Brad could move here to be with Sister and still keep his job. Who does that?? Who would start a wood company that sells to construction companies in the biggest construction bust in the country? You'd have to be an absolute idiot. The real estate and construction market down here is practically dead and everyone is in foreclosure. There is pretty much zero new construction right now. I smelled bullshit. But no, Brad was buying a warehouse and a special flat bed truck and everything.

But wait, they wouldn't let him take the truck off the lot and there were problems. I don't know what kind. Problems. He'd have the truck soon and then he'd strart importing wood.

Meanwhile Shirely the real estate agent was pestering them about the deposit on that fancy house they were buying. She said Brad hadn't given them the check. Brad said he had and that they had lost it. They looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Brad was irate. How could those idiots lose his deposit check? He was going to sue them if the deal fell through because of their incompetence. And don't even get him started on what he was going to do to the asshole who stole Sister's money.

Sister called me very upset one day. Brad hadn't given her the money for school that he promised. I finally came clean about the background check I had done and she was more upset.

"Don't trust this guy," I told her.

She said she had blown up on him and accused him. She had hurt his feelings so much that he stormed out and she didn't know where he was. But he called while she was on the line with me and had to go. She said she felt terribly that she had been so mean to him.

"Be careful," I warned.

But the next day she called and Brad had explained everything.....

(Yes there's more)


Mommy said...

Your poor sister. She must have a heart of gold.

Mattie said...

I'd be willing to even bet that "Brad" wasn't his real name.

Dayna said...

Secure the movie and book rights. Help her recoup some of the money.

Green said...

Not only will your sister never EVER make this line of mistakes again, nobody she is friends with or related to will ever do it either.

I hope he gets strung up by his balls.

Missicat said...

Good Lord...what a sorry all of you had to go through this!! Your poor sis. Can't believe the a..hole stuck around after he stole from all of you!!!

NeekoalinAZ said...

Oh dear Lord...this is a horrible dreadful story. Big hugs to your sister. Its amazing how when we are in love we can't see the forest for the trees.

staticwarp said...

my god. i hope everything will work out ok for her. i'll keep her in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like the kind that purchases a life insurance policy for his fiance then throws her overboard on the honeymoon cruise.

Miss Kitty said...

Holy shit. There's MORE?

[falling over in disbelief]

Fancy Schmancy said...

I can't wait to see what he came up with, next. I can't believe he had the balls to stick around after cleaning out her accounts.

Jean Phoenix said...

Why wasn't the money protected in the bank? I had my idenity stolen and only had a loss of $50 all other funds were replaced within 24 hours. May be that she had given the password?

Jess said...

There's more? What more can the ass put her through?

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