Friday, October 10, 2008

What Happened to My Sister - Part 5

Easter came right after my sister's birthday. Brad was going to fly her up to have Easter with his family. He described a lavish celebration with egg hunts on lawns, brunches and bunnies. I was a little ticked because I wanted my sister to have Easter with us. We don't do a lot to celebrate but by this point I hated everything about this guy and I wanted her home just to spite him. My wish came true because miraculously he decided to (surprise surprise) stay here even longer.

Sister had been telling me how much she wanted to live up where Brad lived in New England. She wanted to get out of here, live somewhere new and experience a different lifestyle. He had so many houses, there'd be plenty of room for her in one of them. He told her as soon as he was done building his parents' new house that she could move in and they'd remodel the house he lived in now to her standards. She started looking for information on jobs up there and I could tell she was already daydreaming about lobster rolls and pahking her cah in Hahvahd yahd. The problem was - my sister was acting like a relationship retahd.

Suddenly Brad reversed things on her. He wanted to move here. He was the one who wanted a change. She didn't want to live in New England and deal with those slushy winters did she? Of course she didn't. No, what he really wanted was to live down here in the tropics. He was going to buy her a house and they would live in it together and as soon as they moved in, he'd get her two golden retriever puppies. They'd get married and she wouldn't have to work. Maybe they'd have a kid. Her perfect life, the one she's always dreamed of, was right around the corner.

They began to look for houses. One of Sister's regulars was a real estate agent. Her name was Shirley and was an older woman with an established career. Shirley took them on a serious house hunt and Brad said he wanted to look at homes that were $600,000 and up. They even looked at beachfront homes over a million dollars and he said these were in his price range too as long as he could sell his Connecticut home, the one that he had bought for his ex-fiancee. Sister was in her glory. They spent all of their free time looking at gorgeous, expensive and very large houses and she was going to have one. She couldn't believe her luck. She had won the boyfriend lottery here. She was decorating every room in her mind and imagining having us all over for big BBQs where we would all play with the puppies she was going to get.

Finally they found a house that she wanted. It was yellow, four bedrooms and on the water with a big yard where she could plant flowers. They put in an offer and Brad gave Shirley the paperwork saying that he was preapproved for a mortgage.

That weekend, Sister came home from work and found Brad on her computer. Before he could close the screen she saw that he was online looking for engagement rings. On the monitor she saw her dream ring - a two carat, emerald cut solitaire. He quickly clicked out and she pretended she hadn't seen a thing. Inside she thrilled. How much luckier could she possibly get?

The next week my grandfather died and the week after that I rushed to Millpond. Immediately after the funeral, on what was already a tremendously difficult day I got in Bella's car to leave and found that I had several missed calls from my sister. I called her back from the church parking lot.

"I'm broke," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Someone cleaned out my entire bank account, checking and savings. All of it's gone," she said.

And right then and there I immediately knew it was Brad.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened next because the shit was about to go down.


Fancy Schmancy said...

I hope you found him and kicked his miserable, sorry, butt!

feefifoto said...

This story makes me sadder and sadder for your sister each day. many of us (women) have been through the same sort of ordeal. It beings back to me an ex who promised me all sorts of things but then delivered an ultimatum that he be allowed to adopt my kids and change their names.

He lost his gamble, by the way.

Megan said...

Wow, this keeps getting more awful! I'm on tenterhooks!

Mattie said...

OMG. That rat bastard.

Your poor sister. She must have been totally freaked out.

Chris (dippy chick) said...

Oh, man! I want to kick his ass so badly. I can't imagine how badly you all want to. By the way, I love your play on the Boston accent. It's horrible isn't it? I grew up (and currently live) one hour from Boston and a lot of people here talk like that (many in my family), but I always refused.

TK said...

Unfortunately from my own personal experience, I know that the world is full of scum, people are not "basically good" like eBay would have one believe, and people who *are* good are conned all the time by people who lie, cheat and steal without qualm because they have no sense of morals or ethics. I have found as I have gotten older that this mindset is more common than I ever would have imagined.

It's too bad we can't round all these assholes up and drop them into a huge cage in the middle of the Gobi desert for the rest of their lives. We could give them a little water, and for food they could eat each other.

Sometimes I'm not a very good Buddhist... :(

Anonymous said...

On with the rest of the story, Paul Harvey!

Anonymous said...

I am dying for part six!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

.......and then?......and then?.....and then?........waiting with bated breath!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wide Lawns,

You have such intelligent commenters on your blog. I can tell by the way they correctly spell words that are usually misspelled - like "tenterhooks" and "bated". Oh, and, by the way, I'm really enjoying the entertaining stories you've written lately; however, I wish your sister never met this filthy rat that abused her so horribly.

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