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What Happened to My Sister - Part 2

This section will be short because I have to go to school soon, but I wanted to give you something today.

When we got back from LA in the beginning of January, Brad was staying at my sister's apartment. They were wildly in love. This was "the one", she thought. He was taking her out, talking about taking her to Hawaii and Asia, on ski trips, and they were planning an elaborate road trip around the country, stopping in Colorado where Brad went to college and then on to Ohio to see Sister's brother. Never had someone been so attentive, so romantic and so doting on her. She was in heaven.

My suspicions continued. By then, Brad had been staying with Sister for a couple weeks. He had been here in Florida for another week or so a month earlier. He lived up in the Boston area, so I was curious as to how he could just leave his life and spend so much time away because he told us, in great detail, that he was part owner and did sales for a wood importing company. He traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, Asia and South America seeking out the finest woods, which he imported to cabinet makers and construction companies. He said he traveled all the time and the company was booming and he was doing great.

I never saw him doing any work, but Sister assured me that she had to leave the apartment so he could conduct conference calls with clients and that he was always on her computer doing "work."

Brad was a hard working, responsible guy. He was dedicated to his job and to his family back in New England. He had siblings with children and took care of his aging parents. He had bought them a home. He owned three houses, by the way and was building another grand, ocean front home for the parents. One of the houses, which was in Connecticut, he was trying to sell (it was paid off so he'd get all the cash from the sale) was being sold because he had bought it with his ex-fiancee. The ex-fiancee had been a horrible woman who cheated on him after he did so many wonderful things for her, just like he was doing for Sister. He also had an aging golden retriever.

I just couldn't understand how he could be away for so long when he had so much going on. The dog alone would worry me, but he said friends were watching it and since he was part owner of the company he could be away.

Still, it bugged me. Sister kept telling me that Brad had to go home on certain dates. The dates would come and Brad would supposedly change his flight and stay longer. It kept happening. He kept being here when he was supposed to leave.

He finally did leave towards the end of January, but bought Sister a ticket to come visit up there the following weekend. He was going to take her on a lavish ski trip in Vermont. She was beyond excited to go up North.

When she got to the airport she had a first class upgrade on her ticket. He had asked her all of her sizes and bought her a winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and everything and had it waiting. But he didn't pick her up in the Escalade he told her he drove. He picked her up in the airport shuttle, which did not drive them to the ski resort. They went to downtown Boston and were dropped off. They did some sight-seeing and went to a hotel where she called me and told me of the change of plans. I was filled with a terrible dread. I just didn't trust this guy. I knew something was very wrong. The way he constantly changed plans to keep her confused and never knowing what was going to happen irked me. She said she liked not having to think about it and she liked the excitement and surprise. Brad wasn't boring.

She made it home alive a few days later. They had taken the commuter train back to where Brad lived. I don't know why he decided they should cancel the ski trip, but they did. They did go tubing on a hill one day, if that counts. He took her to a couple dinners and for drinks. Lots of drinks were involved in this relationship and lookig back I think that perhaps Brad had a drinking problem OR that he was trying to keep my sister drunk and disoriented as often as possible because that made it easier for him to run his con.

Brad's house was strange. It was decorated like someone's parents' house. He said that the reason was because his parents were storing some of their things there before they moved into the beachfront home he was building. He even took Sister by the new home to see it being built. But Brad's house was nothing fancy at all. He said it was a family home and held a lot of memories, so he bought it from the family when they were going to sell it because he wanted to keep it in the family. He figured he was single and could just live there and it didn't matter.

Also the old Toyota was a loaner from the Cadillac dealership while they fixed his Escalade. He had thrown a fit about them giving him such a disgusting car, especially on the weekend his girlfriend was coming. What bad luck. But they wouldn't give him anything nicer. He hated it so much that he avoided driving it most of the weekend. They took cabs which was fine because they were drinking anyway.

She didn't meet any of his friends. She briefly met his mother on her last afternoon. His mother was babysitting at his sister's house, but they only stayed a minute because they were in a hurry to get to the airport.

While at his house Sister noticed that he had a State ID card on his table with his things and asked him about it.

"Oh I just use that for ID and going out. I keep my license in the car at all times," he said.

Huge Red Flag. No one does that.

The Red Flags in this section are:

Constant changing of plans
The story about the car
Not meeting his friends or family
Excessive bragging with apparently nothing to show for it
State ID card and fishy story about the license.

I think we are up to eleven red flags now.

In the next installment, there will be even more...


Emily said...

I'm having a sinking feeling he used your sister's money to buy her all those things, but I'm really hoping not!

I think the worst red flag of the bunch is not meeting any family or friends. It either means he's hiding something (another woman, perhaps?)or he doesn't have any of his own friends (another red flag altogether.)

And WHAT Cadillac dealership loans you an old Toyota?

Rabrab said...

The ID story is beyond a red flag. Most states (I'm not certain, so I won't unequivocally say "All") will issue a driver's license -or- an ID, but not both, and require you to surrender one if you get the other...

Sinclair said...

If I'm not mistaken, he posted a comment on your website while going out with your sister right?

Dayna said...

I used to sell cars and my husband is a Finanace Director at a General Motors Dealership. Since a Cadillac Escalade is made by Gen. Motors I feel safe to say:

A dealership will not lend you a beat up old car,especially if you own a Cadillac. Included in your warranty(b/c why would you pay $75K for an auto w/o buying the extended warranty)General Motors will pay for you to have a rental car. No out of pocket expense to you or the dealership.
I think this dude is a male version of Casey Anthony.

Miss Kitty said...

Holy shit. I'm having MAJOR Red FLag attacks here. Can't wait for the next episode...and bless your poor sister's heart.

LyL said...

Oh, this story scares me - i'm not sure i want to know how it ends. This is SO CLOSE to what happened to me a couple of years ago. All those red flags that I just chose not to see! We even drove by a house he said was his but couldn't go into because it was being remodeled... he never had a car because his Lexus was in the shop and they had to order parts... his family owned the hotel but he just liked working in the kitchen... Wow.

kerry said...

Amazing how many red flags there are. But when we're in love.....

Oy. Definitely the car, the constant disappointment in plans, and the ID are really big problems. A dealership will never give you a beat-up yucky car as a loaner. They give you something new and shiny. Or a rental.

Your poor sister. I can feel the end coming and I can't see it being good- even if you hadn't told us it ends badly.

NeekoalinAZ said...

At least the State ID card wasn't a Registered Sex Offender card. I dated a guy once and saw one of those in his wallet! I almost had a heart attack! (Was our first AND last date by the way)

Fancy Schmancy said...

People can be very scary...

S. said...

I'm really enjoying your stories. This one especially is so thrilling, in a terrifying kind of way. I can't believe this guy got away with his lies for so long! Huge red flags since the beginning. Just wow.

Twinx said...

Sorry to sound ignorant - but whats a State ID card?

Dayna said...

State ID = looks like a drivers liscence but it is usually stamp ID only , one is not liscenced to drive. You just go in take your picture and give info. You don't take any test.

With all these Red Flags someone must really be desperate.
I think your sister saw the flags, she just CHOSE to ignore them. I don't think anyone could be that blind.
He could have at least said that the car was just an old run around car(since a Toyota get much better gas mileage that an Escalade) which he was using as a back up while his Cadillac was in the shop.
OMG, some of his lies are not even good.

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm catching up on a lot of posts. I loved the story of how you met your husband. So sweet!

I have also ignored a lot of red flags in my past so I feel for your sister. I was married to an alcoholic who smelled like a skunk's butt all the time and of all the crap I put up with while married to him, I think I'm happiest that I don't have to smell the sour odor of stale alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, and drugs every morning when I wake up to greet the day. And while my ex never poo'd on the bathroom floor, he did pee in my closet once because he was drunk. Good times.

I have a brother named Brad but he's definitely not a con artist and as far as I know he's never told strangers he has the wicked shits and then poo'd on their floor. Yuck!

Cara said...

I can say, as a MA resident, you cannot have a state issued ID and a drivers license at the same time

That Girl said...

In PA you can have a state issued ID and a driver's license at the same time. I know because I have both.

Yikes. This guy sounds like a complete freak show. Red flags abound!!

Missicat said...

Wow, this is sad and scary. The State ID would be a pretty big red flag to me, in VA you cannot have both a license and a State ID. Your poor sis.

Anonymous said...

I live in IL and you can definitely have an ID and DL. I always have both. One to take out to get into bars and one I keep in my car (seriously), that's the only place you need your DL if you have a state ID.

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