Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The "Mill" Pond

This is the pond for which I named my hometown. It's not really called Millpond. I made that name up, based on this very pond which sits square in the center of town. Millpond is in a low lying, swampy area that is puddled with many ponds and marshes. I always thought it was pretty to have a pond in the middle of town. When I was little we would fish in it and catch turtles on its banks. In the winters it used to freeze and everyone would go ice skating. Memere Marie is a fantastic skater and she was always excited for the pond to ice over so she could skate. Afterwards we would sip hot chocolate from a thermos as the snow fell. I feel like I'm so lucky to have these memories. The pond hasn't frozen in years and it hardly ever snows anymore. The climate is different than it used to be.


Jess said...

Those sound like fond memories. It made me think of ice skating at the park by our house when we grew up. There aren't too many outside skating venues anymore, which is sad.

Jeannie said...

My Dad used to flood the backyard so we would have a rink to skate at home and the schools always had a rink too. They have indoor arenas now so it isn't necessary to do the other - I'm pretty sure it could still be done though. Later when we moved north - we would drive and snowmobile on the lake. We could only skate if the lake froze quickly enough to be smooth.

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