Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm A Little Busy Today...

First my mom was not on Dancing With the Stars. I don't know why but she decided not to go this week and the guy who owns the fancy house in Malibu went instead. If you recorded it he's standing next to Brooke's husband and he's kinda cute actually. I've met him a few times but haven't seen him for over a year. I'm really hoping she will eventually go and I will keep you updated.

I'm also really busy today but I found a great story from Candid Carrie that I wanted to share. She wrote it a few days ago and I've been enjoying her blog since someone recommended it to me a few months ago. I just, really liked this story. I hope you will too, so while I'm having busy-ness all day and night today go visit Candid Carrie and tell her I said hi. And no picking your noses. You'll know what I mean after you read it.


Jess said...

That was an awesome post - thanks for directing us there!

Candid Carrie said...

Hi - Thanks for the traffic today! I glad you enjoyed the story of "Stanley" ... who happens to be in his second year of college working on a degree in engineering.

He still "rearranges" the stuff in his nose way too much but he certainly doesn't dig anymore!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'm dying over here with the husband meeting cliffhanger! I guess it's not a cliffhanger cause we know how it ends but I really need the rest of that story. Please and thank you!

Dayna said...

Not getting to see your mother is as big of a Cliff Hanger as the "How You Met Your Husband" Post.

Where is she?

sveltelioness said...

hey, about the OCD post....check out the book Kissing Doorknobs if you get a chance, it's hysterical. (The main character is a twelve years old girl who is telling how her OCD started and some of the mishaps she gets into; it's for young adults, but still worth a look.)

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