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How I Met My Husband Part The Last

OK I am finally finishing this story.

After being expertly lifted back and forth over a barbed wire fence I decided to go against all of my instincts to go for the bad guys, the unattainable guys, the ones who were shallow and egotistical and narcissistic, the ones who said I wasn't good enough for them and the ones who deluded themselves into thinking they could date Penthouse Pets of the Month.

I was going to give the nice guy a chance. And I was happy about it.

We finished cooking for Abe's party and then he went back to Abe's house and I stayed at Casa Azul and got ready with my cousin Bella who had just arrived. I got really fixed up and wore a black velvet cocktail dress and put my hair up and actually shaved my legs and put lipstick and perfume on like a real girl. I made a miraculous transformation. And then I went to the party where I found San Francisco who had also gotten all dressed up and was wearing a cashmere sweater. He never left my side the entire night.

We ended up going upstairs to one of the rooms that had a balcony overlooking the Intracoastal so we would have a good unobstructed view of the boat parade and I showed him all of my favorite boats, inlcuding the one with the toy soldiers that get shot with a cannon and fall down over and over as the boat sails up the canal. This boat is in the parade every year and has never once changed for my whole life.

He took forever to kiss me and it would have been so perfect too - out there on a balcony on the water surrounded by Christmas lights. It was downright cinematic, but he wouldn't kiss me. This is probably because I did "the turn" on him the night before. Finally I decided to ruin the moment and say:

"Are you EVER going to kiss me??"

And he said that of course he was and he did and that was it.

I had the sense that something very important was going to happen. I know it's a cliche and I know it's corny, but I really did know right then and there that this was my husband. I decided that I needed to remember every detail of that night so that I could tell our children about it one day and the one image that stayed in my mind was that on that balcony there was a desert rose blooming in a small pot and that I thought it was beautiful.

We kissed all night and blew off the whole party raging downstairs. At one point I got uncomfortable in my velvet dress and drove home to change into pajamas of all things. I have no idea why I did this but I came back to Abe's house face all scrubbed of blush and mascara and wearing a pear of flannel pajamas. I guess this is because I have no game at all and am just not the kind of girl to wear the black and red lace lingerie. I guess that after all is said and done that I am a flannel pjs kind of girl. Husband told me I had never looked more beautiful and that he loved my flannel pjs.

I decided that we should really make the night special and that we should stay up the whole night talking and making out and that no matter how tired we got that we should stay up until the sun rose. When the sky began to streak with pink I made him get into my car and I drove us to the beach where it was extremely cold and windy and we stood on the stand in our pajamas and watched the sun rise and it may well be the most extraordinarily romantic moment of my entire life to date. I've had a few good ones since, but this was still different.

We slept a little after that and got up and had breakfast and then I drove him to the airport. He had to go back to San Francisco for a total of four hours. Then he had to catch another flight to Miami with a six hour layover before switching planes and heading the rest of the way to Sao Paolo where he would be for a month. A month in Brazil!! We tried to make it so that he could just catch the second plane in Miami, but the airline said you can't miss the first leg of your flight or the whole flight is canceled, so he had to fly all the way across the country, go home for four hours only to fly all the way back across the country again. It was pure insanity.

The next morning I drove down to Miami and picked him back up during his layover. I was excited that he was going to Brazil for a month. I too was about to leave. The next day I was flying to Millpond for a few weeks and then going on to England for a week for New Years.

I decided to take my future husband to the garden of the Delano Hotel in South Beach. It's one of the loveliest, most serene places I know of and no one bothers you if you want to just sit around for hours under the topiaries and white gauzy curtains. We sat on a loveseat outside and talked about all sorts of things and then he gave me a book with a handwritten letter in it that he had written on the plane.

"I know this flies in the face of all dating conventions," he said,"But I have to tell you before I leave that I love you. As crazy as that sounds because I've only known you for two days, I love you."

"I love you too," I said, because I did.

We had something to eat and we drove around some before it got dark and I had to take him back to the airport so that he could continue on to Brazil. He promised to bring me back presents and said he would email me as often as he could and then I would see him again a month later when he had another layover before going back to San Francisco.

So I went to Millpond and then to England and the entire time we wrote. He called me at my grandparents' house from Brazil on Christmas morning. We wrote a lot and I still have all of those emails. I saw him again during his return layover when I drove to Miami at four in the morning to pick him up. After he got home to San Francisco we talked every day and we never once discussed the practicalities of this arrangement and that we were 3,000 miles apart. It didn't seem to matter. It was worth it.

For the next three years we flew back and forth as often as we could, and surprisingly we were able to see one another a lot. Sometimes we met up in other cities just for fun, and then in March of 2005 we got engaged and you can read all about that somewhat disgusting and tragic event here.

The End.


The Bad Ambassador said...

Now I can finally go back and read (what can only be described as) this epic in its entirety.

I hate being kept in suspense!

Jess said...

I officially like your love story better than the movie Serendipity.

Mattie said...

What a great story. Three years is a long time for a long-distance romance. You both have a lot of patience, that's for sure.

After reading this, I had to read the engagement one.

Yuck. It definitely is memorable.

Thanks for sharing.

Wide Lawns said...

Jess I LOVE that movie!

Mattie - my engagement story was just tragic. But we laugh about it so much now.

I've told my husband that I want a do-over on the engagement and that one day I want him to surprise me and ask me again so we can have the beautiful day we had planned on instead of the puking shitting blood day we did have. But then again, we've had so many beautiful days since then that it doesn't even matter.

Chiada said...

Awwww... what a story! The part when you both professed your love got me all teared up; I'm such a sap. My husband and I knew pretty much right away, too. We got engaged a little over a month after meeting. Thank you for telling us the story!

Hilary said...

Nice to know that there really are some fairy tale romances out there. :)

NeekoalinAZ said...

Ahhh I got chills, that was awesome. I'm so happy you found such a special man!

You go girl.

Anonymous said...

Yay. Thank you for sharing. That one should have come with tissues. And they lived happily ever after.

Cara said...

I am so glad this is the story that won the poll...
someone needs to give you a book deal

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding greedy, can we have more stories of le husband please?

kerry said...

How wonderful!! Three years is a long time for long-distance romance. Wow.

Thank you for telling us! It's nice to know good things still happen.

sallyacious said...

Yay! I love a happy ending!

I knew about my husband the moment I first saw him. My entire being said "I love you." I was 17, he was 18. We didn't get together until I was 28 and he was 29. Even so, I always knew he was different from all the rest. So knowing your fella for so little time and yet still knowing? I totally get that.

the Bag Lady said...

How romantic! Lovely story, and very well told.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such a great story. I laughed and cried reading that and the one about the engagement.

P.S. Does your husband have any single brothers?

Wide Lawns said...

Alas, bad news. My husband is an only child.

Anonymous said...

Bravo...bravo. More stories about you and husband please!!!!! I know this unique man and am oh so proud to have his friendship. There is no one else like him.

FYI, your pieces were exquisitely written.

Emily said...

What a wonderful story. It's making me think about guys I maybe should have given a second look.

staticwarp said...

best. romantic. story. EVER! i want to be a girl so someone could sweep me off my feet. i think i'll probably be alone for good though. it's nice to live some romance vicariously. well told, vivat and bravo!

Corrinne said...

*sigh* This actually made me cry. I have been with my now fiance for just over four years and EVERYONE thought we were insane at first. We had met casually two or three times. When we were finally both single we hung out and on the second night I stayed over his house and left in a flurry at 5 am because I didn't want to be too attatched. I showed up at work that day and he was there waiting for me. I have lived with him ever since, not intentionally at first, I just never left. We said the "L word" four days in. Now it is all history.

Granted, we have had some VERY rough times, not between each other but with life in general. I think it is kind of a great thing though. If we can get through those terrible things we can get through anything.

Sorry that was so long, just got the memories flooding back. That was awesome, it was NOT boring. I loved it =)

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