Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The House Where I Grew Up

When I was up in Millpond, I realized that I needed to take a lot of pictures of the places where I had lived and been in order to best write my memoir, so Bella and I went around with the camera. I also thought you guys might find it interesting and that it might help you picture some of the settings of my stories. This is the house I grew up in for most of my childhood. This was Mommom Jewel and Pop Byron's house. They moved a few years ago into an apartment because they could no longer perform the upkeep on the house with the yard and the laundry in the basement and all. It was too hard for them to get around. They bought this house in 1959 and it looks much the same now as it did when I was little. There are a few changes. There used to be two huge pin oak trees in the front yard. In the 90s there was a bad ice storm and it ruined the trees and the state came and cut them down. The yard has looked barren to me ever since. The new owner added the rails by the steps and changed the landscaping, but not a lot. The window on the far left end was my bedroom window. Another odd change I noticed was that the house number is 4509 now. It used to be 13.


Hilary said...

I'm half expecting a follow-up post to say.. "oops, wrong house." A change of address is unusual. :)

Wide Lawns said...

Nope same house. It is unusual but a few years ago, my grandmother explained to me that the state had to redo a lot of the rural addresses because 911 was having trouble. So they had to renumber and give names to roads which had previously just been RR for "rural route" as the population had grown a lot. So they really did change the number. There is no mistaking that house. I spent so much time there.

Jess said...

What a great idea to photograph these places! I know my kids always want to go past our "old house" in the city. Maybe taking a picture will cure that, a little.

laura said...

This house looks almost exactly like the house I live in now :-)

Chris (Dippy Chick) said...

It looks like my house! We have a ranch. I love it. It's cute, economical, and everything's on one floor. Our laundry is in the basement too. That kind of sucks, but we finished off the whole basement so it's pretty comfy down here. I say "down here" because my office and dip kitchen are in our basement - which is really more of a "lower level" than a basement. There are windows and stuff, and a walk-out door that goes to the patio and hot tub. :)

karamac said...

They did that to the house I grew up in too. It was number 6 and now it 1205. They said it was to make it easier for the fire department. I guess I would have to see their system to figure out how that makes it easier.

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