Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Dear Readers! I am off to school right now, but only for a little while. We're having a Halloween party in my class. The students talked me into it. when I was little we always had Halloween parties in school. I remember exactly how it went. We'd decorate the classroom, someone's mom would bring cupcakes. We'd have orange punch, candied apples, popcorn balls and rice krispy treats. We could have homemade treats at school where we trusted the moms not to put arsenic in them. We'd end our lessons early and then the parents would come. Then we'd change into our costumes and parade around to every other classroom so everyone could see our costumes. When we were done we'd go back to our own classroom and watch as all the other classes paraded through. Then we'd color pumpkins and listen to a scratchy record of Halloween songs and spooky noises.

I'm going to be back later to write a scary story for you, but for now you can read last year's scary story HERE.

In the meantime, tell me about your best Halloween memory in the comments. I like hearing other people's stories a lot. I really enjoyed the candy discussions.


Caroline said...

I remember the "orange drink" was like the highlight of elementary school halloween parties. My brother had a friend who was a guy who dress as a pink bunny rabbit for like 3 years in a row in elementary school. Yikes.

Coolred38 said...

One year my dad had a record he got from National Geographic about humpback whale song. It was eerie...mesmerizing...and the light of night with the lights off was some scary shit....we decided to play it quite loud on Halloween night with the windows open etc...freaked out the kids like you cant imagine. Was a perfect addition to the evening.

Ania said...

I remember Halloween in grade school. We'd have so much fun with the costumes and the parties until I hit high school and we weren't allowed to anymore because there were too many girls trying to be sexy and just ending up plain slutty. But the costume parades were brilliant.

Aleta said...

My favorite Halloween was for my Sweet 16 birthday. I posted a picture of us in costume on my blog today. It was great - we had dry ice in the punch, giving it the constant stream of vapor coming off of it, cool things to eat that looked creepy, games that we played (puffy pumpkin, etc). It was great. We were all teens, good clean fun, no alcohol or trouble, just having a good time.

Ordinary Housewife said...

I'll comment in blog form. I just wrote about how pathetic I am at Halloweening now that I'm old.
I miss getting all excited about a fun-sized Milky Way.
Here's my blog entry:

sallyacious said...

I was thinking just the other day about my dad going trick-or-treating with my brother and me and the two little girls who lived next door the year I was eight. Dad would have been 34 or 35.

I was a gypsy that year, with lots of jewelry and makeup and about eight skirts stacked on top of each other. So was the little girl closest to my age. But the best costumes in the group were our dads, who dressed up to go out with us.

Dad went as a scarecrow, with a broomstick across his back under his clothes and full scarecrow face makeup, with straw sticking up out of his shirt collar & the ends of his sleeves and even out from under his hat. The other dad went as the Headless Horseman, with his coat collar buttoned up over the top of his head and a made-up, wigged mannequin head tucked under his arm.

It's a great memory. Looking back on it from an adult perspective, they must have had a ball.

Decorina said...

My husband and I have a black straggly display tree covered with shiny ornaments - bats, witches, skeletons and coffins. We put it up every year. Around the bottom of the tree (it is about 3' tall) is a scene with a skeleton sitting on a park bench, skeleton light posts and a fence with posts that are skeletons too.

Then there is the Day of the Dead stuff - my personal favorite. I have tons of DoD ornaments - little boxes illustrating different scenes that honor people who I loved that have died. We think that their spirits come back to visit on All Souls Day, so I put out a shot of Grand Marnier for my dear friend Peter and pictures of my Mom and Dad. I spend the evening thinking of them and remembering their lives with me. I may like DoD more than Halloween - but the fact that they occur together is just the best.

Janitor Jean said...

When I was in my teens I developed the most useless psychic power. I could tell when my parents were coming home.

Useless, because I was the ultimate goody two shoes. I barely did anything wrong as a teen. I mean there's a line in "The Big Chill" where JoBeth Williams character tells everyone her husband would never cheat on her and the gang was so admiring of that and she said something like "No, no -- fear of herpes." That's me. I don't do anything bad because I get caught. All the time.

Anyhow... my parents bowled on Friday nights. Afterwards they might go out for pizza, or they might stop for a drink, or they might just come home... just what the group of them felt like doing. So they'd get home anywhere from midnight to 2AM.

But I would be downstairs in the game room watching tv, or in bed. I would hear their car drive up the driveway, hear the crunching of the gravel. I'd hear the slam of the car doors. The breezeway door would open and shut and the key would go into the lock......

And nothing. I would expect voices, and none would come. No footfalls in kitchen.... nothing. The first few times I would go and check -- they weren't home. The car I clearly heard WASN'T there. No one was in the breezeway...

About a half hour later, the whole thing would repeat, and this time they were home.

The first few times it happened they came home to a freaked out kid. I'm sure they wondered why a fourteen year old wasn't capable of staying home alone.

But then I got used to it. I told my two best friends about it, and one Friday night we had a sleep over and it happened in front of them. We were playing pool when I said -- Hey, my parents are home!

They looked at me like I had grown horns. They hadn't heard the car pull up. I told them what I was hearing.... and then when, of course, no one walked in -- we went upstairs to check... no one was home yet. I told them my parents would be home by 1AM (it was 12:30 or so)...

At one, my parents came in the door.

My friends were seriously freaked out.

I did this with my oldest sister once. And then the power faded away.

Until last year.

Now -- we don't live in the nicest of urban areas. So when I was sitting at the desk in the rear of the house on the computer, and I heard my husband's truck pull up, I remembered I hadn't put on the porch light so he could see, and I had forgotten to turn on the coffee. (He calls me as he's leaving work so I can do this for him, and for some reason I think this makes me sound like I am a scared wife -- without going into much detail which isn't required for this story, I'm not, he just likes coffee and with our colony of feral cats he really needs to see where he's walking!)

Well -- he wasn't there. I didn't think anything of it at all. I mean -- he's not the only one to drive a Toyota Tacoma, so other trucks must sound like his, right?

A half an hour later he showed up -- much later than he should have been. Accident on the bridge. He ran into traffic.

It happened a few weeks after again. His distinctive sounding truck pulled up but this time I HAD turned on the coffee and lights.... and I expected him to come in the house... and when he didn't, I went looking for him.

All the cats were sleeping. When Daddy comes home, all the cats congregate at the door.

So he wasn't there. And the cats didn't hear HIS truck.

So it was happening again. So I looked up towards the heavens and said "Now look. I don't who thinks it's a good idea to give me a stupid psychic power of knowing when someone is coming home, but I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT. It's scaring me. AND I can't make any money off of it, so I don't want it anymore. Take it BACK."

I don't think it's happened since. But after hubby calls me I try to be aware... because it's when I'm wrapped up in something else is when it happens.

Traca said...

As a child my favorite memory is my mom taking me to the haunted houses in the area. Every year we went to every single one. Because of the amusement parks here in Florida, I do not get to share that with my kids.

As an adult, my favorite is when I made the little chicken costume for my son. It came from Martha and was so easy. He was adorable.

Francie said...

Happy Halloween Wide Lawns!

It was on Halloween in 2006 that Maribel, owner of the wedding dress shop on Miracle Mile, where I worked upstairs, was murdered, leading me on a search for the Fountain of Youth. Time flies...

Hope all is well.

xoxoFrancie (

KT said...

All I remember is the clown costume my mom made when I was six, I think. In retrospect, it was a really nice costume, but she had worked so hard on it that she made me wear it for three years, after which it was handed down to my sister for another three. I was never so glad to see a costume go as that one :)

My favorite part of Halloween was always sorting the candy on the living room floor the next day -- lollipops in this pile, chocolate bars in another, Milk Duds over here, Smarties and candy necklaces over there...good times!

Fancy Schmancy said...

I don't have any fun childhood memories from Halloween. But when I got older, my boyfriend and I would have awesome costume parties in his basement. I had a plastic witch's cauldron that I made a punch in. Gingerale and sherbert, with grain alcohol, and grapes for eyeballs. Add a chunk of dry ice and it starts bubbling and smoking, really great effect. Totally safe to drink, altho the grain alcohol soaked grapes will knock you on your butt pretty quickly. Good times.

electricdaisy said...

When I was a kid, my mother (a great seamstress in her spare time) always made my outfits - whatever I wanted to be, I could be it. I remember when I was too little to walk, she made me a great mermaid outfit with the tail and everything, and my dad carried me around his work party all night. A lot of his coworkers had children, so they always did a big kid-centered Halloween and later, Easter party.
She also made me a dalmatian outfit when I told her the day before Halloween that's what I wanted to be. She was peeved at the short notice, but I got a great costume - head to toe, hand sewn. Another year she made me the statue of liberty - I was a hit. Those would have to be my best Halloween memories.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Halloween memory is going to the house that gave out cans of soda. We were only allowed to drink water or milk growing up, but that one day a year we got a can of soda (Shasta Cola) and we were allowed to drink it. Good times.

Regarding stupid psychic powers.....I went for 2 years where I always knew what we were having for dinner. As I would be on the school bus (or on summer/weekends when I was randomly playing in the morning) I would suddenly smell cooking food, and whatever food I smelled would be what we ate for dinner that night. My Mom never consulted us on what she was going to make, and we never had a routine when certain food were served on certain days, but I would always know. It became a game - Mom would meet me at the door and ask what I thought that dinner would be, and I would tell her and be right. This led to her making odd things in hopes of tricking me, but when I didn't know what a dish was called I would be able to tell her the main ingredients in it. Then one day I didn't smell anything, and since then I have never had the "power" again.

Caffeinated Chum said...

We always looked for the chocolate bars. Everything else was mostly stuff like Smarties, bubble gum, and lollipops. My favorite costume was this white-ghost costume with a very awesome mask that glowed in the dark. I think I wore it for 3 years in a row!

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