Friday, August 15, 2008

Rooting for the Trough

We're going to have a hurricane. There's a thing, a disturbance, out in the Atlantic. They haven't quite started Cone of Death Watch 2008 and I haven't seen anyone fist-fighting for plywood, but rest assured, they will. It will happen. There is going to be a hurricane.

Why are you so sure, you may be asking. I'll tell you. I know there is going to be a hurricane because I spent my entire morning making gigantic pots of soup and freezing them. Then I spent almost a hundred dollars at the butcher and had all kinds of stuff vacuum sealed and that's in the freezer too. I've spent my entire week cooking and freezing and stocking the freezer and I did this because school starts next week. Pretty soon I'm going to be too busy to cook, so I got this brilliant idea that I would cook now and freeze individual portions for my future lunches and I got all these freezer containers and had a field day in the kitchen. I made turkey chili, vegetable soup and carrot ginger soup. I have chickens, steaks and pork roasts all ready to go. Husband is even going to make bread dough and freeze that. You would think we were bears getting ready to go into hibernation we have stocked so much food. I won't need to go shopping until Halloween.

This is why we're going to have a hurricane. It's kind of like when you wash your car and it rains the same day and gets spots all over it. The law of the universe predicts that when I spend a lot of money on food and take the time to cook and freeze a ton of it for future use that a hurricane will come, knock out the power for weeks and ruin all of my hard work and waste my money.

For now I'm rooting for the trough. I recommend you root too because if you don't I'm inviting all of you to come help me eat this food so it doesn't go to waste.


laura said...

Carrot Ginger Soup sounds delicious! If you make it through the storm will you post the recipe?

Anonymous said...

lol, I am thinking the same thing as laura, but I would also love the chili recipe.
hopefully in a few weeks you will be blogging about how all the food in the freezer is driving you nuts! not about losing it all in the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Do you have renter's insurance? Mine covers $300.00 for loss of refrigerated items per incident. I live in a Hurricane Alley, as well.

Mattie said...

I'm not in FL but my sister is ... you'd like each other. I'll send her and her husband over to help out with the eating part.

You might have to put her up to sleep too as they've replaced their roof 3 times in 5 years down there.

We have one of those food sealer things. I use it for everything in the house, not just food. Love.It.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Go out and buy a generator. That will absolutely guarantee that you will have no hurricanes at all this year.

Reb said...

Here's hoping the trough stays strong.

Jeannie said...

mmmm - carrot ginger soup.

I would recommend buying a generator in anticipation. And some gas for it too. Because if you have one and it's set to go, there will be no hurricane. BUT if you use the gas in the lawnmower, the power WILL go out.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Oh, crap!

the Bag Lady said...

Fancy schmancy stole my comment...a generator is the way to go. We bought one and the power hasn't gone off since...well, once, but hubby was too lazy to go turn the damned thing on!
And personally, I'm kinda hoping for the hurricane so we can all come down and help eat up that food! It sounds seriously yummy!

Anonymous said...

I am praying right along with you for the trough--I live in Central Florida and am in NO MOOD for hurricane nonsense this year!!
If we have a bad season, I am going to convince Husband of Mine to move out of this swamp!

Serenity said...

You are absolutely correct. When I first moved here in 2005, I decided after a few months, (post Katrina--my very first hurricane), that since I was now in the land of less clothing, it was time to eat healthier. I went to the store and stocked up on all kinds of food, most of it to go in the freezer.

I spent $300.

Bam! Wilma.

No power for a week.

Now I buy hardly anything that will be frozen later until the end of hurricane season.

bluelikethesky said...

Rah Rah Trough!
Keep the Weather Ough!

When I was in grad school in Houston, we knew Alicia was headed right for us. Ignorant girls that we were, my housemate and I went out to buy "Hurricane Supplies." With a bag of CornNuts and a six-pack, we settled in to watch the storm on tv. The first "hurricane related death" was north of us. Then we went to sleep, watching the horizontal rain and the giant moving live oak trees

We woke up in the eye, ravingly thirsty, to no power or water, of course. Good thing we'd filled up everything we had with water (thanks to our tv habit) the night before. We took a walk and watched folks jetskiing on the freeway, then hunkered down for part two.

The next day, after a pathetic two hour drive in search of coffee, we began to realize the seriousness of the situation. A professor we knew who was master of one of the colleges on campus let us move into their empty dorm, which of course was run on Rice's emergency generators. This was a good thing, as parts of Houston were without power for 10 days.

Best of luck.

TK said...

I'm also voting for the generator and gas to go with it, but I'd expect it's too late. Looks like there is some heavy weather coming your way, and I will be keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
The stuff in the freezer could be good for 48 hours if you don't open the freezer door much. I googled it to be sure, "Food will stay frozen for 36-48 hours in a fully loaded freezer if you keep the door closed. A half-full freezer will generally keep food frozen for 24 hours. If it looks like the power will be out for more than 2 - 4 hours, place refrigerated foods such as milk, dairy products, meats, fish and poultry in a cooler surrounded by ice. Perishable foods should not be left at temperatures above 40 degrees F for more than two hours."
At least you have time to stuff the freezer tight, but not so tight you cover the circulation vents.

Fay may yet swerve somewhat, or downsize... we can hope! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I'm supposed to go to Florida the third week of September. Everyone, place yer bets that hurricane will be comin' that week!

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